Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I want my groove back!

If you have read my blog for any amount of time, there's probably one thing you know about me. Well, maybe two or three. But, one thing for sure is that I live a very active lifestyle! If I'm not at work, I'm outside doing something. Since I only work part-time, that means I'm outside doing something A LOT! Everybody knows I'm much happier after I run. I love the places I get to run. I get a big charge out of watching Boomer run around and have a great time. If I have a busy day ahead of me, it will go much smoother if I get a run in first. A lot more will get accomplished.

I haven't been "sick" for more than one day in a very long time. I haven't had to stay off my feet in years. I've had a fractured femur and even then I could walk and hike. I've had IT Band issues but could walk and hike then too. When I can't get outside and do what I love, I get down. Not "get down" in a dancing kind of way either. More in a depressing kind of way. I'm grumpy! My energy is zapped. My motivation is gone. I'm pissed off! I don't feel like doing anything but yet I see everything I should be doing. I have no desire to get up off the couch. I could care less if I get out of my pajamas or not. If food wasn't prepared for me, I wouldn't eat. Daytime television SUCKS big time, I'm not going to lie to you.

But I do have a wonderful little family. My husband brought me these yesterday because we all know how much I love my donuts. I chose the red one and it made me feel better for a little bit.

I am able to put weight on my foot so I wrapped it tightly in an ace bandage and slipped on a sock and shoe. My daughter took me over to The Alameda Creek Trail this morning so Boomer could get some running in. Albeit slow, I was okay with walking about a mile or so. We saw this cute family in the creek and that did make me smile.

But I still keep getting this look from Boomer all the time. Mommy, you okay? His little face always makes me smile.

My rib cage (or breast muscle) is the most uncomfortable at this point. It still hurts when I take a deep breath, cough, or sneeze. The swelling is down quite a bit in my ankle. I'm trying to move it around as much as I can so it doesn't stiffen up. You want to hear something really strange? Or maybe it's normal, I don't know. Many times now, Boomer will start licking my ankle. He looks up at me when he's doing it and he does it very gently. Do you think he senses the pain, or the injury? Is it possible he smells the blood under the skin where the bruising is?
Tomorrow's another day.............


Looney said...

When I sprained my ankle badly, I went back to bicycling until it recovered sufficiently. It is much easier on the ankle and a good way to keep the fitness up. Sadly, there really is nothing quite like single track trail running.

Missy said...

Dogs KNOW, I'm tellin ya! Not weird, they smell the damage. I hate it and Boomer looks so sad.

I do love me a sprinkled donut, though:)

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

I don't understand how dog's do it, but they seem to know when something is wrong. Maybe they are just really good at reading non-verbal cues.

I hope you heal up quickly. I understand how frustrating it is to be sidelined with an injury. In the meantime, maybe you can find something else to entertain you...

Anonymous said...

Hang tight and rest while enjoying Boomer. They DO know; Merlin always knows when I'm sad and he'll come and lean against me.

aron said...

hang in there :( i know its not easy for you, just let that ankle heal and you will be back out there in no time!

i really think animals can sense those kind of things. boomer is trying to make you feel better :)

and now i am craving a doughnut :-/

Drs. Cynthia and David said...

Are you sure you didn't crack a rib? That sounds really uncomfortable. I dislocated my elbow last year (tripped over a root and landed badly), but felt compelled to go running wearing a splint. Probably not too bright, but I know what you mean about the withdrawal pains.

Sounds like the worst of it may be passing now. Just don't reinjure yourself in your haste to get back into it. Walking is good too. This could be a good time to do some weights or yoga too.

Cats know when all is not well too. They cuddle and lick me when I'm not feeling well.

Hope you're feeling better soon. If you want something to do while resting, try reading "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall. I love it - it reads like a novel and I can't put it down!


RunningLaur said...

Sending healing thoughts your way. Boomer will take good care of you - I'm sure.

René said...

Hope you feel better soon and find something to get you through this. What a great little bedside manner your furry friend has!

Donald said...

Injuries suck. Case closed. I hope you heal up soon.

P.S. I think you'll beat me to Half Dome by a few weeks - I'm looking at the end of September for my trip. Have fun, and let me know if you guys use one of the packs I reviewed. That's the kind of info I'd love to pass along to the company rep.