Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sometimes it's hard being an adult

I worked all day yesterday and early morning running is not my thing, (especially in the winter) so I didn't get a run in. After work, Keith and I had a double date with Christy & Steve. We went to dinner and a movie. We saw New In Town. I laughed out loud quite a bit. It was a little predictable but entertaining enough.

Anyway back to the running thing. I'm working 11:00 to 7:30 tonight so my plan was to get out on the trail this morning at 8:00 for a fast 5-miler. But, the adult in me suggested perhaps I should hold off on that run. My hammy was tight all day yesterday and wasn't a lot better this morning. I decided I would go for a nice long speedy walk around my neighborhood. About a mile into it, my leg was still tight so I turned into the school:

Found a stick:

And let Boomer do the running:

I came home and rolled my leg. What I thought was my hamstring turns out it's my bootie. Roller felt SO GOOD, I didn't want to get up off of it. But I did and I turned on my Wii and did some strength training. Now I must get ready for work without a run under my belt. But, at least I know it's the right thing to do.
It's not always easy though, making the adult decision. Especially when it comes to running.
Until later.............

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mission Peak hike

This was my view as I was laying on the floor doing my ab work. A pooped puppy!

Boomer and I hiked six miles up around Mission Peak this morning with my friend Laurey (not HSE Lori) and her doggie Zoe. I didn't run at all and it sure feels different. Laurey is not a runner and I like spending time talking with her so a hike it was today.

You may have to click on the next photo to see what we saw. Two coyotes had this hill covered today. There was no chance for Boomer or Zoe to catch a squirrel.

We stayed on the main fire road all the way up, instead of cutting off onto single tracks like I do when I run. I came home and did some strength work on my Wii. When I was done, I just didn't have the same feeling I have after a run. I could tell I felt just a tad irritable and I wasn't motivated to do anything. I did what needed to be done around the house and when Keith came home he asked me why I was so down. I told him I think it's because I didn't get a run in today, even though I went for a hike. He told me to go see how fast I could run around our "20-minute block".
I did. It took me 9 minutes. I'm all better now. God bless my husband!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mad (at) Hill Syndrome

Have you ever done this? Would you ever do this? I think I'm wacko. I got mad at a hill. Yes, at A HILL!

As you know, back in November I (crazily) publicly announced I was going to start running (carrying my sorry ass) up more hills. And I have been doing just that, thank you very much!
Now, with that said I will gladly tell you not all hills are created equal (DUH!). And not only that, but a hill you so easily jog up one day is not the same hill when you go back a few days later. No, no! Hills grow! When the rain comes, not only do the hills get greener and more lush, the damn hill itself GROWS. Yup, you heard it here first. I know, it's amazing. I wouldn't believe it either, if I hadn't been a witness to it.
So, I am approaching this hill that I just tackled a few (errr a week) days ago, knowing I plan on running up it. I run up and over. I almost pass out. WTF? I know I was able to run up this last time. I turn around and look at the hill, say a few choice words, give it a VERY dirty look (and I think I may have spit or blew snot on it.) I look at Boomer and I say, C'mon son, we're doin' that again.
I take my boy down the hill. I turn around, put one foot in front of the other, elbows bent at my sides, slightly lean forward and take off again up that hill. Grrrrrrrrrr!
It would take four trips up and down that hill before I (gave up) declared victory. Next time though, things will be different.
Damn hills!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How nice was it?

Just ask him!

We could see all the way to San Francisco today

I had my weekly donut date at 11:00 so Boomer and I did a 90-minute run at Garin early this morning. It was pretty darn cold.

But I really don't think he was bothered much by the cold. ;)

Until later.............

Monday, January 26, 2009

Bella's first hike

Boomer and I had the pleasure of taking Bella for her very first hike today!! We took her and my daughter Sara out to Sunol Regional Wilderness Park. Sara kept Bella on a leash though because she's only four months old and she hasn't been on more than a couple of walks. She had such a great time trying to keep up with Boomer.

He showed her how to get Charlie Bears out of the creek; how to sniff out rabbits from their hiding places; how to climb up steep hills; and of course, how to run on single track trails.

Boomer showing Bella how to hunt for wabbits

We went on a 3.5 mile hike - up the main fire road, past Little Yosemite and then back down the Canyon View Trail. It was a beautiful day.

When we were coming back down to the car, we saw a couple of trucks pulling out of the parking lot that had obviously just dropped off a whole new herd of cows. Lots of babies too. We saw them come up and over the hill toward us and then we just stood and watched them all run by. It was awesome! Sara couldn't believe they were walking so close to us. After watching all the mommas and babies today, it just confirms my decision I made years ago not to eat these beautiful animals. There was one little baby that was on the other side of a fence and the mommy talked and talked to her until she finally made it up the hill and through an opening in the fence. It was the sweetest thing.

I was planning on a run today but I will say, after spending the time with my daughter and her puppy and seeing those cows, it's nice to know I can always run tomorrow. ;)

Until then.............

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tag (I'm it!)

Last week or so, I was tagged by Penny @ Planet Ynnep Running. I was asked to list the five things I am addicted to.

1. Running. Let's get the obvious out of the way! If I don't run, I don't feel right. This is no secret to any person that knows me, or knows any member of my family. I like to run every day, if possible. I am one of those people that will actually run while they are on vacation.
2. Lipstick (or chap stick, lip balm, lip gloss, etc.) I have some type of lip soothing product in a pocket of every single jacket/coat/sweater I own. There is one (or five) in my center console of my car at any given time. When I was running the Pacifica 21k, much to my surprise, there was no tube in my pack. On the first climb up, I was prepared to hand over my only $20 to anyone who looked like they were wearing some lip balm. I snagged Christy's from her when we approached each other on the turn around. ;) Btw - thanks girl!
3. Gum. Nine out of ten times you see me, I will have gum in my mouth. One time Keith and I were skiing and I realized I didn't have any gum. The resort had none for sale! We were on a lift with a snowboarder and he was chewing gum. A-HA! Hey dude, do you have any more of that gum? Bam! I had gum.
4. Sweets. I'm not a snob about them either. If it contains sugar, I will eat it. I would rather eat sweets than "real food." I think "cleaning your plate" is over-rated. People that are too full from eating their lunch or dinner and don't have room for dessert? I don't get that. That's called poor planning in my book.
5. Fleece blankets. Okay, not ALL fleece blankets. Just the one I sleep with. Yes, I sleep with a blanket. Keith calls it a blankie but in all honesty, it is a blanket. The package it came in even says so. Last summer when we traveled to Jamaica, I didn't have room in my luggage to bring my blankie, errr blanket. That was the first and last time I will make that mistake. I could not sleep on the plane and we had a long layover in Florida (where I may have been getting a bit cranky due to lack of sleep). Keith bought me a new one at the Brookstone store at the airport. Lesson learned (for both of us).

So, now you know.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A nice break from the rain

I know we need the rain but it doesn't mean I have to like it. I am not scheduled to work until Friday and it looks like today will be one of the few dry days I will get to enjoy. Well, so far, I've enjoyed it quite a bit!

Lori called me last night and invited me to join her and her running group on the Alameda Creek Trail this morning. Boomer and I met up with Lori and Mikey at 8:30.

We ran with Sue for a couple of miles, before she turned back around. Evidently her calf was a little sore because she ran a sub four hour marathon on Sunday, up in Redding (otherwise, I would not be able to keep up with her). Sue is a really fast, strong runner. She has done quite a few PCTR events and if my memory serves me right, she was third woman in the Diablo Marathon (PCTR) in 2007. She reminds me of Victoria in a lot of ways. Anyway, Lori and I kept going. We wanted to run about eight miles today.

We saw a lot of the Fremont Fatass 50k people on the trail. Catra told me about 20 runners showed up. The weather is cold and foggy this morning but at least it's not raining. Boomer and Mikey had an absolute blast. There were SO many dogs out this morning. Matter of fact, when I was almost back to my car, I saw my neighbor Jerry with his puppy, Sophie. He said he'd be over in the morning to pick up Boomer so the three of them could walk over to the school and play. Nice neighbors ROCK!

I am now enjoying a strawberry soy protein smoothie I made when I got home. According to my Garmin, I was able to complete 7.5 miles this morning. I hope there will be enough breaks in the rain so I can get some single track runs in this week. I'm not asking for the world, just a couple of hours each morning so I can stay sane! Sounds reasonable, doesn't it?

Until later.............

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Running against time

Some people (actually a lot of people) I know look for any excuse not to exercise. And as exercise goes, running is not at the top of their list. I know I have talked (written, typed, blogged, whatever) about this before but it still blows my mind.

All I could think of all day was getting out for a run. I worked until 4:00 today and then rushed home, changed into running clothes, tossed my son into the car and drove out to the Alameda Creek Trail for a "however far I could get before it got too dark" kind of run. This is a little of what I didn't miss out on this evening:

The ground was nice and soft. The air was crisp and cool. Boomer could not be much happier with these perfect running conditions. I ran three miles and he ran about eight!

I am in awe of the beauty and never know what to expect when I go out for a run. I have never, ever been disappointed.

Until later.............

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A walk in the park

I was super happy when my dear friend Kimmy called me last night and asked if Boomer and I would be available for a walk this morning. Kimmy & I used to run together quite a bit. We even flew to New York three years ago to run our first half-marathon together. She hasn't switched over to trail running yet but I'm hoping she will soon! Boomer adores her.

I knew Christy was off of work, because of her injuries from Saturday, so I asked her and her sweet little doggie Emmi to join us. Emmi has to be leashed when Christy takes her out anywhere because she has knee issues. She has already had one operation and Christy is trying to put off the second one as long as possible. Because of this, Christy doesn't take her out running with us anymore. When I first started running with Christy, two and a half years ago, Emmi would join us. She was FAST! It was a nice treat for me and Boomer to see her. She is such a cute dog.

Christy, Emmi, Kimmy & Boomer

As you can see, Christy is wearing a sling on her arm now and she has a black eye. She has an MRI scheduled for tomorrow and an appointment with the doctor for her results on Monday.

The five of us enjoyed a nice four mile walk out at Garin. It was fun watching the dogs running and jumping all over each other. The rain has started to come down this afternoon. I work until 4:00 tomorrow but I'm hoping I'll be able to get in a little run after that. Of course, that is if it doesn't rain too much or too long.
Until later.............

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bad mood buster

Maybe I'm weird. I don't know. Maybe my morning would have tickled some women pink. I don't know. What I do know is sitting in an uncomfortable chair in a hair salon for close to 3.5 hours is not what puts me in a good mood!

This does
And this cute little #543 does
And naturally, this does!
This....... not so much
But, again, there's this ;)

Boomer and I finally got out for a run today at about 3:30. We were able to fit in five miles. It was just what I needed to put me in a very lovely mood.
Until later.............

Monday, January 19, 2009

Christy Update!

Christy writes:

Thanks for all of the well wishes. I went to the Urgent Clinic today and had xrays of my face and shoulder done. I assume no fractures (which is what I suspected)since I haven't gotten a call with the results. They only call with bad news, right? I hopefully will get to see the orthopedist Tues or Wed. I am afraid that I may have a torn rotator cuff. I can no longer lift my right arm, and it hurts alot when I try to bring it back down after attempting, along with a good amount of clicking in my shoulder. I will keep Jo Lynn posted.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pacifica 21k

I'm almost positive I didn't come in last today, but the results are not "official" yet so we'll have to see. I'm always in the bottom 10% or so, that I can promise you. I went into today with absolutely no goals or expectations for myself. The longest Christy and I have run since October, I think, is 6.5 or 7 miles maybe. But, we didn't want to drive all the way to Pacifica for a 9k run, so we signed up for the 21k. Not a big deal. It wasn't like we didn't think we could do it. The initial climb of 3.5 miles is that -- a climb! There is no flat, no downhill, just UP. It was no surprise though, I have done this course before. It took me 70ish minutes to get up to the top of the first loop and 31 minutes to get back down. I passed about 20 people on the downhill that passed me going up. Of course, on the second loop we played leapfrog again.
Oh, let me tell you that Christy and I have never run a race together. What I mean by this is we never run with each other in races. We say our goodbyes at the starting line and then reconnect at the finish. I know it's strange but it works for us. I am not competitive, she is. I'd rather start in the back and pass people rather than have them pass me and make me feel even more anxious than I do. I lallygag, I take pictures. I breath heavy and don't like people to hear me. In our daily running life, we start, stay with each other, and finish together but when it comes to organized runs, she pours it on easier than I do. And for some reason I just lose my nerve. Now that you know this information, the following should not sound strange to you.
After the first loop, I came into the aid station where Mike, aka (Hold It! What am I doing?) was volunteering. He informed me that Christy "took a spill, a face plant." I was freaked out about this. I felt so bad that I wasn't there when she wiped out and I hoped she was not seriously hurt. Honestly, if I did see her wipe out, I probably would have been totally traumatized though. I started up the second loop and I really didn't want to finish. I kept telling myself to just turn around. It was only a 9k loop but my heart wasn't in it anymore. I guess I lost my motivation. I knew I couldn't call Christy but I was worried and sad for her. She finished about 15 minutes before me. She said she tripped over a root and flew face first, trying to catch herself with her arm. The end result is a bruised cheekbone, a scraped right arm, a couple huge bruises on her right leg, on her hand and she thinks she messed up her shoulder pretty bad. Our husbands, Keith and Steve, were golfing together so I called Keith and told him what happened and of course he relayed it to Steve. She wouldn't let me drive home which I really wish she would have. I called her about an hour ago and she says she's getting more purple on her cheek and her elbow. She may go have it checked out on Monday if it's not better.

The trails are all about this narrow. And the majority of the first loop was full of loose gravel and rocks. I enjoyed running on so much single track, that's for sure. I want to go back and do that 9k loop. No dogs are allowed in the park which kind of sucks. But, I would like to try that loop again.

Finally at the top of the 9k loop
Christy showing a little of her wounds

Me and Victoria basking in the sun. No, not really. I just finished and she was about at her sun limit because she finished about an hour before me. She is so freakin' unbelievably fast.

The three of us hung out for a while after the run and had soup and soda and other goodies.

I finished the 21k (13.02 on my Garmin) in 3:23. The good news is I feel fine. No IT issue, no knee or leg pain at all. Yay! I enjoyed the scenery (a little too much, no doubt.) The weather was perfect! The people at the PCTR events cannot be topped. It's like a little community. People don't rush off when they're finished running. They stick around and talk about the run. Undoubtedly, new friendships are made at every race they put on. And it's always nice to go with a good friend and see old ones while you're there.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Fun in Sunol

Boomer and I went out to Sunol Regional Wilderness Park today for a five mile hike. It's been a couple of months since we were there and it is clearly one of his favorite places.

There is quite a bit of very nice single track in Sunol. I let Boomer lead today and he took me to all of my favorite trails in the park.

We had to stop at every single drainage pipe so he could check for bunnies. I stopped to torture him with picture taking and talking to all the cows and admiring the views. When all was said and done, we ended up spending a couple of hours out in the dirt. It was a great day! Boomer was a little tired when we were done. But, I know a tired dog is a happy dog! Especially true in his case.

I'm doing a 21k tomorrow, here: Pacifica (Jan 17) That's why I didn't actually run today. Christy and Victoria are going to do the same distance as me. I always have one goal and that is to not be DFL. I'll let you know how it goes.

Until later.............

Thursday, January 15, 2009

10 Feet Tall

That's how I feel today

The weather here has been outstanding. Skiing yesterday was FUN, FUN, FUN. The weather there was amazing. At work today, two people gave positive feedback about me to my supervisor. This scored me another complimentary lift ticket for Squaw Valley. Cha-ching! I got an excellent deal on a jacket I've had my eye on for quite some time. Another cha-ching! I had a nice dinner out with my hubby. I just got back from a beautiful walk with Boomer. I gave up my crappy shift that was scheduled for tomorrow so I can have some quality time with my son out on the dirt during the day and also some time with my husband in the evening.

It's the little things in life that matter.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My little slice of heaven

I was so happy to get out and run this morning with Boomer. It was absolutely gorgeous outside. I was thrilled to be able to wear a skort again. And a tank top? Oh my! It's so freeing not have to wear so many layers of clothing while I'm running. I even had to make sure I had sunscreen on my face before I headed out.

The creek is flowing and the ponds are filling up.

I find I'm running up a lot more of the hills I used to hike up. That was very encouraging to me. Look at how blue that sky is! (Oh, and how cute that dog is.) LOL

The old barn at the meadow at Garin.

Gotta love the SF Bay Area -- trail running today and skiing tomorrow.
I really do love my life. ;)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Lazy Monday

After a whirlwind Saturday, I allowed myself to take it easy yesterday. I slept in and stayed in my pajamas until well after noon. I took it easy and caught up on some wifely type things around the house. Boomer was lucky enough to get out in the morning with Sophie, the puppy next door. Jerry came over and picked him up and they went to the local grammar school to play doggie games for a couple of hours.
I had to go to work at 5:00 pm to help with physical inventory. I was scheduled until 1:30 am but I didn't get out of there until after 2:00. Ugh! By the time I got home and ready to go to sleep, it was about 3:30 in the morning. Needless to say, today was a bit of a non-productive day. I did take Boomer for a two mile walk and I'll take him again tonight after dinner. But, that's about it for the exercise today.
I am not meeting my friend for our weekly donut tomorrow. I am instead going to go get some time on the trails with Boomer. I work tomorrow night and Keith and I are sneaking in some mid-week skiing on Wednesday and then I work all day Thursday. So, tomorrow it is.

Until later.............

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Girl

It was a beautiful sunny day today. This makes me very, very happy! It's so nice that sunshine and a good run can make me so giddy. Boomer and I met Christy this morning at Garin for a 5.5 mile run. It was chilly but not windy like yesterday, thank God!

We ran out two miles and saw my HSE (High School Enemy), Lori with her dog Mikey and a couple of her running buddies (Sue, with her two dogs & Cathy). We ran with them for just a tiny bit before they headed up the High Ridge Loop and Christy and I took the lower portion of the High Ridge Loop back towards our cars parked at May Road. But, much to our surprise, we did something a little different today. We picked some hills, and we ran up them. I know, I know. I couldn't believe it either. And the funny thing is, I initiated it! LOL (Slapping my knee) And of course, Christy with her willing spirit, said let's do it. We aren't great at it yet but at least we're trying to run up more now than we did a year ago. We, naturally, felt really good after we were done. It was a good workout today.

Keith was golfing today so I took the opportunity to go see Bride Wars with Sara. Keith and I went out yesterday afternoon and saw Gran Torino. We "shared" a large popcorn (he stopped eating LONG before I did). Needless to say I had no popcorn today which is extremely rare for me. I'll go see a movie I don't really care about, just to have movie popcorn.

We are heading out to dinner and a comedy show in San Jose tonight.

Until later.............

Friday, January 9, 2009

Mission Peak Madness

This is one gorgeous place I just don't run often enough

I met Catra and her friend Sara this morning for a run at Mission Peak. I was really looking forward to spending some time with my dear friend Catra but my tummy was unhappy with me this morning (Louisiana hot sausage and green chili pizza last night) and because of the wind, I opted for just doing a four mile loop and not going to the top today. Next time will be better.

So, I guess you could say I'm a bit of a baby or a whiner when it comes to weather I consider "imperfect". We all know I thoroughly despise being cold. I will go to the greatest lengths to assure my warmth at all times. I will often overdress to avoid getting cold. I bring a sweater to the grocery store, the movies, and every restaurant I ever step foot into -- IN THE SUMMER! Once I do get cold, it's all over for me. I think being cold hurts, physically. Boomer, he's alright with the cold. But he had no idea what he was in for.

There is no way I can relay to you, through this keyboard, how freakin' WINDY it was this morning. I ended up having to walk towards the end because I would have literally been blown down the Horse Heaven Trail in a ball (picture a tumbleweed, okay?) if I would have had both of my feet off the ground at the same time. And that trail is steep!!

I was a bit concerned about my young son being swept away also. At times he would go to the side of the trail and sit down, looking up at the mountain like I'm pretty sure that mountain is going to fall down on us Mom. Look at how he had to walk sideways-like, just to avoid falling over.
Oh, and then I get back to my car and the stupid Suburban parked behind me is so damn close to the back of my car, I couldn't even open the back for Boomer to hop in. I looked (glared!) through their windshield and could see a man kind of crouching across the back seat with his shirt off. I'm thinking he's changing into running clothes or something. Then I notice a hand on his back and one in his hair. These hands had long nails! Mmmm huh! This Suburban was rockin' and he still had his pants on. Yup, it was THAT WINDY!