Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mendocino Anniversary Ride & Run

Keith and I went to Mendocino for three days to celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary.  Here is a bunch of pictures with a few words to share with you, what a great time we had.

We drove up Hwy 101 and cut across to Hwy 1 on Hwy 128.  Hwy 128 was a windy, two lane road with tons of these:

 We stayed at this place:

 Which is a "farm house" in Little River, across Hwy 1 from here:

 Two miles up Hwy 1 is actually where Mendocino is.  We drove up and took a long walk along the coast.

 Watched the sun set.

 We had dinner at a little pub and went back to our room where we burned a log in our little fireplace.

 Pretty much called it an early night (in our HUGE comfy bed!)

 The next morning was our anniversary, we went for a bike ride.

 How appropriate that we found this bench.  <3

 We rode along the coastline for a lot of the ride.

 We rode out to Point Cabrillo Lighthouse.

 That night we went out for a wonderful dinner where we got all dressed up.  I have no pictures of that though.  You'll just have to believe me. 

The final morning, I woke up extra early so I could go for a trail run.  There was a forest right outside our window, I saw a trail, and I wanted to know what it looked like.  Off I went! 
 Fifteen minutes later, I was looking at this.

 I took a turn and ran along the coastline for a while.

 45 minutes later, I was back on the trail to our room.  I literally could have ran out there all day long.  It was just beautiful.  Breath taking.  The sun had just come up and there was a chill in the air.  Perfect conditions for a run.

 We went to breakfast, packed up and took the long way home - driving down Hwy 1 all the way to Petaluma.  That part of the coast is just gorgeous.  We stopped a lot to take pictures.  Most of them look like this.

It was a wonderful get away for the two of us.  Another year of marriage celebrated.  20 years next year - Jamaica!

Until later.............

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Goodbye Ellen.....

You and I had some great times together.  This day in particular, was the first "event" we trained for and did together - The Cinderella Challenge. 

You brought me back to life after my bunion surgery took me away from running for longer than I had anticipated.  You took me up mountains in the Bay Area that I had only seen while driving by on a freeway far, far below.  You and I completed my first full century (100-mile) ride.  Because of you I met a lot of friends that I enjoy riding with, still to this day.  I brought you out in freezing temperatures and some scorchers too.  You taught me how to climb hills efficiently, because you have so many gears to use.  I tipped over more than a few times on you but you never cracked and you always wiped yourself off and kept on rolling, even though it probably hurt a little bit.  You were more than patient with me when I learned to change your tire - two in one day, one time.  You held strong while I took you down roads FAST, one time at 55 mph.  Yeah, I never did that again.  Although, I knew with you, I could.  I loved buying clothes to match you and everyone recognized me, mainly because of you. 

Today I sold you to a very good friend of mine.  She's mainly a trail runner/hiker and world traveler but she wants to use you for commuting to work.  I watched her ride you around my neighborhood one day and I must say, she knows how to ride.  Please be good to her and show her the ropes roads.  Make her fall in love with you as much as I did. 

So, why did I get rid of a bike that I loved so much?  It was just time, that's all. 

Meet Candee, my new full carbon 2012 Cannondale Synapse.

With all the riding I'm doing these days, I felt it was time for an upgrade.  So far, I like her a lot.  I have the Shimano 105, which is the same as I had on Ellen so I didn't have to learn a new way to shift.  It is a compact double which is a little scary.  I have gone on two rides in the past week and I can tell, I'm going to like her a lot! 

I hope to have plenty of stories to tell that include her.

Until later.............