Saturday, April 21, 2012

Race ready?

I signed up for the Metro Triathlon  at the end of last year.

January came around and I began my training, especially for the swim.  Every week for the past 4+ months I have spent many hours in the water.  I started off barely able to swim 50 yards without passing out.  After a few weeks I had to learn all over again because I was breathing on one side only, every second stroke.  It felt like I was a beginner swimmer.  Finally I was able to swim 100 yards, then 200 and 500 yards.  The day came when I swam 3 500's with just a 30 second break in between.  I was on cloud 9.

A month ago I went into the lake with my wetsuit for the first time.  It was 52 degrees.  When I put my face in, I instantly got brain freeze.  I don't think I swam with my face in the water that day.  It took a couple of trips to the lake to swim with my face in the water.  I remember the first day I was able to do it tho, I felt wonderful.  Week after week, the water was getting warmer and warmer - 54, 56, 57, 58.  I was getting very comfortable with my wetsuit and could go further and further each time, without stopping. 

Last Monday I went to swim in the lake and had a horrible day!  I could not get more than 100 yards without stopping.  I could not get my breath under control.  I was so frustrated.  I had less than a week until my triathlon, where I need to swim 1500 yards and I can't even go 100 yards without stopping and treading water?  This sucks!  I went again on Wednesday and had a great swim.  I was able to do the entire distance.  I went again yesterday and when I was done swimming, I was very excited for my triathlon tomorrow.  I told my friend that I no longer had anxiety about the swim.  I felt very positive about it.

Then this morning came.

I woke up extra early so I can go to sleep early tonight for my 4:00 a.m. wake up call tomorrow morning.  I checked my email and see that the swim portion of my triathlon has been canceled.  No swim!!!  The water conditions are unhealthy.  I am beyond disappointed.  I have trained SO hard for this swim and dedicated SO much time to it. 

Now we will be doing a 1 mile run, 40k bike, and the 10k run.  Not ideal, that's for sure but I will make the most of it and try to have a fun time doing it.

I have other triathlons in the works for the year but this was the one that I was training for, the one that would show me I am prepared for the rest.  Oh well, at least my transition area will be a lot easier to set up and I get to ride my bike without a wet head. 

Until later.............