Thursday, August 26, 2010

Roughing it?

When the girls were little we used to go camping quite a few times a year.  Now it seems to be just an annual thing for us.  I guess with everyone being adults and having jobs, it's harder to coordinate days off.

Last night Sara and I did most of the grocery shopping at Target and Safeway.  Today I went to Trader Joe's to get a few final things.  My goodness, I feel like we are bringing enough crap food to feed an army for a month!  I am bringing a different outfit for each day - one if it's cold, one if it's warm.  I have my running shoes and hydration pack and Garmin for running on the best of the best trails in the sierras.  I have a swim suit in case it's blazing hot.  I have gloves in case it's freezing.  And then of course Boomer has his own bag with food, treats, his blanket, jacket, leashes.  We have firewood galore, SIX gallon jugs of water, a case of diet soda.  Horseshoes, card games and a radio.  Keith's Dodge Ram 4-door pick-up will pull our tent trailer with our mountain bikes on top of that.  I could go on and on, but I won't.

You're welcome!

What I'm thinking is this appears to have gotten out of hand, the amount of stuff we bring to survive for three nights, less than three hours away from home.  Sheesh!

Is it just me thinking this or does everyone pack like this for camping?

Boy, I hope we didn't forget anything. 

Until later.............

Monday, August 23, 2010

In the end, it's all about the friends

When I sit down to do a blog entry, I have to look back at the previous entry to see where I left off on my "MED2010" accountability.  As I looked through it, I see I am wearing tights, a long sleeved top and a headband covering my ears.  I had to laugh because as I sit here today, it is 96 degrees - hottest day sine June for us.


I took Leanne for another trail run last week. 

This time I took her up to Oakland, for SIX miles.  When we were at mile 4.7 I asked her what her longest run had ever been.  She replied, "4.7 miles".  WOW!  This was her longest run ever!  I was very impressed.  There's a lot more hills in Oakland than there is at Garin and she did very well. 

Leanne powering up the last hill with Bella

I think she might be hooked on trail running.  But, with places like this to run, who wouldn't be?!  I am hoping to take her again this week. 

I woke up at 4:20 Saturday morning so my husband could drive me up to Tomalas for a bike ride.  As you may or may not know, I was signed up to do a 100-miler with Stacey and Dynelle.  Before I left I knew from a text message, that I would be down grading to the 100k and I was fine with that.  It was going to be a cold day and we all know how much I despise being cold.  When we got to the check-in, I saw Stacey and Dynelle in the line next to me.  Yay, hugs all around!  She notified me that they had a "development" and needed to have a pow-wow.  Ok.  I got my wrist band and went outside so we could talk. 

Keith went ahead and left for his 8:30 tee time in Petaluma.  Dynelle was feeling a bit sluggish that morning and they had decided to downgrade even more, to the 33-mile ride.  They were more than willing though, to wait for me to finish whatever distance I decided to do.  I had some thinking to do.  The first rest stop was at mile 14.  It was at this point the 100k and 100-mile route split off from the smaller routes.  When they pulled into the rest stop I told them I was going to go forward, by myself, and do the 100k.  I felt good about it, other than now being by myself for a lot of miles. 

Almost immediately the course went from rolling hills to climbs so steep people were doing switchbacks on the road, pulling over to catch their breath, or just stopping and walking up.  I was NOT going to walk up but I did pull over.  You know, to take a picture.  That's it, to take a picture.  The course was beautiful.  All of it was on two-lane back country roads or Highway 1.  Hardly any cars at all.  Lots of cows, as promised.  And lots of fog and headwind too, I might add.

At mile 35, I pulled over to text Keith and also let Stacey and Dynelle know where I was.  When I took off again, I noticed a bunch of riders hanging out in front of a store but it wasn't the 40-mile rest stop.  I was looking at them and wondering why they didn't just wait until the rest stop, five miles away.  I looked forward and saw this HUGE climb.  Aaah, I thought.  They're just taking a little rest before that steep hill there.  Up I went.  I thought I was going to die.  When I got to the top I realized I didn't have any riders in my sight - in front of me, or in back of me.  Hmmm.  Interesting.  Now, do I keep going forward and if I'm wrong I have to come back up this hill I'm about to go down.  Do I turn around and go back down this hill I just climbed, risking the fact that I may be right and have to climb it again.  NEITHER!  I stood right at the top and waited for someone to come up.  And I waited.  And I waited.  A man riding up from the opposite direction stopped on the other side.  I asked him what "street" I was on.  He informed me I was on Highway 1.  Ooopsie!  "Where's Miller Road", I asked.  He came over and showed me on a map where I missed my turn.  It was back where I was looking at those people to the right of me, chilling in front of the store.  I was supposed to turn left there.  He showed me an alternate route to get to a rest stop.  I rode on and approached a couple more big climbs.  I got to a stop sign that I think I was supposed to turn left at and I pulled over to assess the situation.  I wasn't *positive* the directions the guy gave me were correct.  As I sat there, I began to see cyclists coming from the left.  I inched forward, toward the main highway and saw the colored arrows pointing to the right.  I went ahead and got on the route again.  I asked a lady what mile she was on.  She said 46, I was on 40.  I had lost six miles.  We came to the final rest stop which I was very happy to see, considering the last one I saw was at mile 22.  The final seven miles were a slight incline with a hellacious headwind.  There was one final climb, two miles from the finish.

Stacey and Dynelle cheered loudly for me when I pulled into the parking lot.  I am pretty sure I was the ONLY rider that received that kind of welcome.  I grabbed some homemade grub (veggie lasagne, salad, bread) and by that time Keith was arriving at the school after his round of golf.  Perfect timing.  Maybe next year I can tackle a true century (and Lake Tahoe!).  I am still pretty new to this cycling thing anyway. Thanks girls, for sticking around and listening to my stories.  You could have been home by the time I finished. 

I was planning on meeting Lisa from New Mexico on Sunday for a hike prior to going to work.  She was in California, moving her son into a dorm at Cal.  Well, apparently there was no room at the Inn for her Saturday night.  She went to check in and they told her they had her reservation but NO ROOM available.  They found her a room at another hotel but it was going to cost a lot more and it wasn't even close to where she was.  I told her we had a spare bedroom and she was more than welcome to stay with us.  After a little reassurance from both sides, she hopped on BART and took a trip to Fremont.  I picked her up and brought her to my house where she met Boomer and Keith.  We sat up and chatted until we were both so tired we couldn't even concentrate anymore. 

When I woke up in the morning, she was out in the living room chatting with Keith and enjoying her coffee.  Keith made us a great breakfast of french toast, bacon and coffee.  After that, I took her for a 5.5 mile hike at Garin.  We picked up Bella on the way so Boomer would have company too.  It was a lot warmer than I had expected so she ended up borrowing a pair of my shorts.  We had some good views of San Francisco and the bay.  It was a very nice hike and I was thrilled to be able to show her my home away from home. 

I feel SO lucky to have been able to spend all that time with Lisa.  If she had been able to check into her hotel, we probably would have been able to only spend a couple of hours.  That's why I never question things that happen in my life.  I know everything happens for a reason.  Everything worked out perfect in this situation.  It was just awesome to talk with her so much. 

This week should include a couple of runs and then we are going camping with the kids and doggies for a few days.  That will include runs, rides, hikes, fishing, etc.  Yay!!  I'm so excited. 

"MED2010" Accountability:
08/17 - Pilates, 2 mile walk, "24SET" class
08/18 - 6 mile trail run, "CAMP24" class
08/19 - 2.65 mile walk
08/20 - 3 mile walk
08/21 - 55 mile bike ride
08/22 - 5.5 mile hike
08/23 - 2.5 mile walk

Until later.............

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fun at Lake Chabot

Keith and I went to a Giants day game last Thursday.  It was such a beautiful day.  I had packed all my warm stuff - scarf, gloves, jacket.  Ended up having to shed the two layers I had on and I wish I had worn shorts.  You never know with San Francisco weather.  Great game, by the way. 

Prior to leaving for the game, Boomer and I went out for a little trail run.  So many times I have entered Garin/Dry Creek this way and never noticed THIS tree.  My daughter had called, I was standing there talking on the phone and looked up.  Wow, what a gorgeous tree!

Pretty soon - FREE FOOD!

I worked hard at finding a riding partner for Saturday morning.  I probably asked six people and they all had other plans.  I had absolutely NO motivation to get on my bike that morning.  I wasted time, sitting around looking at the computer.  I finally got dressed and checked the air in my tires.  I finally filled up my water bottles, grabbed some fuel and put my bike in the car.  I had no idea where I was going.  I just didn't want to ride out from my house and end up doing a boring loop around Fremont.  I didn't want to ride through Niles Canyon alone so I drove to the Sunol train station.  After I parked and got out, it was windy and cold.  I had the clothes for it but oh boy, how I wanted to just get back in the car.  I got on my bike and rode away from the parking lot.  All I could do was 45 minutes.  Whoopie!  I think I drove longer than that.  A complete waste.  I just wasn't into it (alone).

Sunday was a whole different story.  I ran around Lake Chabot with Theresa.  I have not seen her since March or April so it was GREAT to see her and get a fun 8.5 mile run in. 

I loved every minute of it.  It is beautiful there, still lots of green.

Check out who we ran across:  The punk rock runner himself!!! 

I couldn't believe it.  He had driven from Tracy to run with a friend.  I asked him what he thought of our beautiful East Bay park and he said he thought it was great.  Then, off we went in our separate directions.  Nice to see you Ron!

After we finished running, we went into the cafe' at the marina so we could get Boomer his much deserved hamburger patty.  I'm pretty sure he knows this is the place he gets these because he never falls behind in the final couple of miles, like he usually does.

Theresa and I (mostly "I") had a plate of french fries.  Yummy!

As cute as Boomer looked, we didn't share with him (well, maybe a few)

I have received my surgery date for my bunionectomy.  October 1st.  Six weeks from Friday.  In case you're wondering, this is what will be removed.

I had an upset stomach this morning and I was overwhelmed with anxiety.  So much so that I have given myself a cold sore.  And a pimple has found its way to my forehead!  I am feeling better this afternoon though, after going to a Pilates class earlier.  I'm trying hard to derail negative thoughts and think of the positive outcome of the surgery.  Now there are two runs I want to do in September.  One is a half marathon (Mt. Diablo), one is a 15-miler (Angel Island).  Both trails, of course.  I will probably enjoy these runs more than any I have ever run before.  Don't you think?

"MED2010" Accountability:
08/12 - 3.5 mile trail run, 2 mile walk
08/13 - Yoga
08/14 - 45 minute bike ride, 1.5 mile walk
08/15 - 8.5 mile trail run
08/16 - 2 mile walk, Yoga

Until later.............

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I am *such* a Mom

I met Aron Saturday morning at Stoneridge Mall in Pleasanton for our bike ride.  We both had places to go later in the day so we arranged to meet and be ready to roll by 8:00 a.m.  It was in the mid-50's and foggy.  AND COLD!  She didn't have a vest, just a jersey and arm warmers.  My first instinct was to offer up my vest to her but she seemed fine and didn't complain.  She does like the cold more than me.  And I think she's not much of a complainer. 

Calaveras Reservior level is going down

We left the mall and got onto Foothill.  We went through Pleasanton and then up Calaveras.  I kept an eye on her water bottles, they were staying pretty full.  She's not real comfortable taking her hands off the handlebars yet so I asked her to either drink water NOW, or we would have to pull over.  We had to pull over that time but she did drink TWICE while we were out.  I made sure she was eating every so often as well.  She took off ahead of me once we started climbing Calaveras.  Each turn, she got further and further ahead of me.  Until finally, she was out of sight.  That's okay though, she's not comfortable on the downhill portions yet.  LOL  If we saw one cyclist that morning, we saw 100.  No lie.  There were so many people riding Calaveras that day.  Luckily, not a lot of cars travel that road.  We ended our ride at ~48 miles.  It was a great ride.  Aron kept a very good pace for us.  The last hill on Foothill, right before the mall snuck up on both of us.  Good thing it was at the end - I was toast!

Sara and Sterling joined our gym.  She wanted to join so she could go to the classes with me.  Yay!  Our first one together was yoga Monday.  She was a little nervous about all the people being there but I assured her they were paying no attention to her.  I had to work last night but she was going to join Keith.  Unfortunately she ended up working late so she didn't get to go.  She and Sterling both plan on joining us tonight for Camp24.  I've warned her that it is a tough class and she needs to go at her own pace and not worry about what other people are doing.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed she won't get discouraged. 

Yesterday I slept in (until 8:20) and then Boomer and I went out for a 4.25 mile trail run.  I went a little late and it got warm toward the end.  He's not a fan of the heat.  He was really slowing down between shady spots and stopping completely when he was in the shade.  When I got to my car I found out it was only 69 degrees.  He used to run with me when it was 80 degrees and above.  Not anymore it seems. 

This morning I took a friend from work on her very first trail run!  Leanne is an avid hiker and backpacker but has never tried running on the trails.  She told me she has been running a bit lately so I invited her to join me.  Since this was her fist time, I took her on a little 3.25 mile loop and she said she LOVED it.  Who can blame her, really?!  She did fantastic.  At one point I had to ask her if she was racing or something.  Holy crap, she was running fast.  I've never completed that loop so fast.  I will admit, it felt great.  I'm hoping she is hooked and will join me again.  ;)

Leanne leading the way

Tomorrow we are going into San Francisco to see if the Giants can beat the Chicago Cubs.  I'd better bring my down jacket!!

"MED2010" Accountability:
08/06 - 2.5 mile run, Yoga class
08/07 - 48 mile bike ride
08/08 - 3 mile walk
08/09 - 2 mile walk, Yoga class
08/10 - 4.25 mile trail run
08/11 - 3.25 mile trail run, "Camp24" class

Until later.............

Thursday, August 5, 2010

All kinds of happy

Tuesday was my husband's birthday.  Since he turned 55, double nickles, I decided to do a little more than just dinner with the family.  Not that our little family isn't wonderful, however.  He was expecting a small group of seven people at Chevy's for dinner but instead, there was 18 of us!  It was such a fun dinner.  Some of his golf friends, a couple of my running friends, some extended family and even a neighbor.  We were at the restaurant for a couple of hours and I laughed SO MUCH.  I was completely exhausted when I got home.  Drained of all my energy.  A good kind of tired.

It took him a while in the morning to decide what he *really* wanted to do during the day.  I suggested a 5.5 mile hike, or even a 55 minute hike.  He wasn't going for either of those.  He decided to go play a round of golf at one of his favorite golf courses. 

I went ahead and took advantage of this situation.  I took Boomer out for MY kind of happy.  Running on single track trails with my boy definitely brings a different kind of happiness to my life.  A very unique kind of joy.  It's hard to explain and probably hard to understand if you've never done it.

We spotted a few stow-aways under a tree.

Then, my last bit of happy is knowing that I have another bike ride planned with Aron Saturday morning.  Woohoo!  I'm going to take her on a 50-miler this time.  Shhhhh, don't tell her.  ;)

"MED2010" Accountability:
08/03 - 4.5 mile trail run
08/04 - 1.5 mile walk, "CAMP24" class
08/05 - 1.5 mile walk, "24SET" class

Until later.............

Monday, August 2, 2010

214 Days

I have moved for at least 30 minutes a day for the 214 days of 2010 so far.  I'm pretty proud of myself.  I'm not surprised though, that I've stuck with it, because usually when I say I'm going to do something, I do.  I'm stubborn like that! 

I'm still having a green smoothie every day.  Two solid months now.  I do love them!  Call me crazy, but I do.  I look forward to the taste of one each day.  Of course I do switch up the fruit I mix in and I alternate between spinach and romaine lettuce.  If you haven't tried them, you should.  If you have, let me know what you thought. 

Before I get to the totals for July, I need to account for a few days.

"MED2010" Accountability:
07/31 - 2 mile run
08/01 - 4.25 mile trail run, 1.5 mile walk
08/02 - 2.5 mile walk, Yoga class

July Totals:
Walking:  47.15 miles
Biking:  209 miles
Hiking:  6 miles
Running:  33.75 miles
12 classes at the gym

Now that July flew by, I am looking forward to a fun-filled August.  Starting with my husband's birthday tomorrow.  He and I both have the day off with only a family dinner planned at this point.  We can do whatever he would like.  This weekend I am going to a get-together with some Facebook friends from my high school graduating class.  On August 21st I have the Holstein Hundred bike ride.  On August 22nd I am meeting a fellow blogger.  Then the last weekend of the month we are camping in Yosemite with the kids and the dogs.

Boy oh boy, I'm tired already.  :)

Until later.............