Saturday, January 14, 2012

Someone new, some things old....

How often do you say to someone, "Let's get together soon, okay?"  And how long does it take, IF you ever get together?  I seem to do it all the time.  What happens when I do this is, I lose out on either meeting someone new or spending time with someone I enjoy.  Not this time though!  I wished Ewa a happy new year and said those exact words to her on Facebook.  And I actually followed through with it and made plans to meet her for a hike less than a week later.

I took her to Garin and she even got to meet Boomer.  Boomer loved her and so did I.  What a great women she is.  We hiked for a couple of hours and got to know each other well.  We talked about her signing up for the Cinderella Challenge training and she ended up doing that and we started our training today.

I went on quite a few bike rides this week.  Most of them around 20 miles.  Of course, Soraya took me up Palomares one day.  It was 34 degrees when we started.  Luckily it's just a long climb for the first 5 miles so we warmed up rather quickly.  Other than it being cold, I can't complain about how beautiful it is here right now.

Keith and I went on a couple of rides together.  He's getting so good on hills.  Well, he's complaining less and letting me take him on rides that have a lot of hills.  That must mean he's liking them more, right?  ;)
Two days ago we were on a ride and he had a "tip over".  Of course he fell from an almost complete stand still but ended up hurting himself pretty badly.  Yesterday he had no use of his left arm.  Today he has a little mobility.  He thinks he pulled a muscle and is hoping it will work itself out in a day or two.  I hope so too. 

I guess you could say I started my triathlon training this week.  Let's just say it.  I started my triathlon training this week.  I went swimming!!  Soraya got me a 5-day pass for Club Sport and I met her on Wednesday to swim.  She presented me with my Christmas gift - a pair of Zoomers and took me out to the pool with a swim plan in hand.  We spent a full hour doing 25's, 50's, and drills with buoys, my flippers and paddles.  At first I thought I was going to lose a lung after each 25 yard lap I swam.  By the end of the session, I was able to do a couple of 100's.  Afterward, I was actually excited about our next swim session. 

Today we started our Cinderella training rides through Fremont Freewheelers Bicycle Club.  I am a leader for the Challenge 1 riders which is the 90-mile ride.  Challenge 1 means we go at a slower pace to begin (14-18 mph).  We have some awesome ladies in our group.  They all seem like they are experienced on the road and not new to riding.  I led the majority of the ride and kept it at 15 mph and didn't lose anybody so that was good.  It was a 26.65 mile ride through Fremont.  We had one 14% grade hill that everyone made their way up nicely.  I'm very excited about this training series.  I get to spend the next 12 Saturdays with these great ladies.  After our ride, Ewa and I walked over to Starbuck's and had a drink while we talked about the ride.  She certainly sounded like she had a great time.

On the baby front:  At 11 weeks now, baby is just over 1-1/2 inches long and is about the size of a fig. 

Until later.............


Lily on the Road said...

Fantastic to read that you and Ewa got to meet up and to spend some quality time with Boomer. :)

Lucky too that you will both be riding the Cinderella ride together One day, I'll get to meet you two as well.

Ewa said...

I am blushing.
JoLynn, you are a wonderful person and I am so glad I got to meet you in person and not only because you are saying nice things about me. ;-) I am glad Boomer liked me too. I have a crush on him but don't tell him yet.

Gosh, those kids grow fast! Hope mama is doing well - those first months can be nauseating.

Jill said...

Love the pictures! So cool that you two got together, way to make it happen.

I doing tri's this summer too. Just joined Masters Swim and looking forward to Tri season! I'm shopping for a road bike now.