Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring in Yosemite

For those of you that don't know -- the photo on my last post was of the magnificent El Capitan.

We left home at 6:00 a.m. Saturday for our drive up to Yosemite. Keith's cousin had been up there since Thursday so we were joining them for the night. This was the view of Half Dome from our campsite. Next time, I will be going to the top of that rock. No doubt about it.

Bridalveil Falls on the drive in:

Trees in bloom at Curry Village:

Okay, I don't "hotel camp", but I got over "tent camping" a couple of years ago. So sue me! I still consider it camping. I cook and eat outdoors. I just like to be a little comfy when I sleep is all. And warm. Oh, and dry if it rains. And I like to stand up when I change my clothes.

This picture is for you Rene. I was thinking of you when I took it.

Our campsite was right next to the Merced River. It's so nice to hear the river flowing when you are going to sleep at night. The water was so clear and cool.

Dogs are only allowed on paved roads and paths. Sunday morning, Keith and I hiked from our campsite, up to Vernal Falls with the dogs. This is the way up to Half Dome. I SO wished we could have gone farther but no can do with the furry kids. It was a lot of uphill hiking and about four miles round trip so it did feel good to be able to do at least that. I'd rather do that with my little family than be alone and go longer.

About half way to Vernal Falls:

At our turn-around point, Vernal Falls in the background:

After our hike we packed up and drove out about noon. It was a quick trip but I'm happy we went. It was a bit chilly, for my liking anyway. People were saying it was unusually cool. We have camping reservations in August and our kids should be joining us for that weekend. If I don't get up to Half Dome before then, I want to be sure I get to do it on that trip.
Upper Yosemite Falls on the way out:

It was nice seeing Yosemite in spring because of the flowers, the new growth on trees, and the flowing water falls. I'm anxious to see the difference come August.
I couldn't forget you RBR. I know how you love bridges:

I'm working a ton of hours this week, preparing for our HUGE sale that starts Friday. Wednesday and Sunday look like the only days I'll be able to run. I'm volunteering at Miwok 100 on Saturday. If I'm lucky I'll be able to do ribbon checks or sweep at the race. That would be cool!
Until later.............


Southbay Girl said...

you are so lucky to have gone camping! I LOVE to camp!!! Montana de oro PCTR race...camping the night before...what about it? Take the dogs??? YES!!!

Love the pics and so glad you had fun!!

Missy said...

Fantabulous pix, as always! I need to get a camper. I'm over the tent too...unless I'm going up and hiking in!

RunningLaur said...

So cool!

Have fun at the 100 too - you're so busy!

Kristin said...

Hola! Just found your blog from ^RunningLaur! Love it! I am so jealous of all you West Coasters with tons of mountains to explore and trails to run...I recently moved to Charleston, SC and I love it but it is seriously lacking in these areas.

When I lived in NC I wish I had explored the mountains more! (although they're only a few hours away)

Looking forward to reading more!

Kristin said...

Oh, and I was raised on "camper" camping, so I feel ya there. :)

René said...

That looks like a GREAT place to be in the Spring! You just reminded me I need to set up camp somewhere soon!

aron said...

ok i know this is so lame but i have never been to yosemite!!! i NEED to go!! i keep telling chris i want to go camping with the doggies soon this summer! do you have any other places you recommend?? i dont even know where to start looking :)

209Mike said...

Nice pictures. Makes me want to live in the mountains. Where are you going to be on Saturday?

Marcy said...

Ooooohhh gorgeous, gorgeous pics! Man I haven't been camping in AGES. I don't think I could deal with a tent on the flat ground either HAHA

Donald said...

Beautiful ... I was there two weeks ago, and there was still a ton of snow around. This is a perfect time of year for Yosemite.

Victoria said...

Merde! I SO want to go to Yosemite right now! Normally I go at least once every year with my parents (usually twice), but thanks to school, I haven't been able to!

(And embarrassingly enough, for someone who has definitely been to Yosemite over 40 times, I have never been to the top of Half Dome, either!)

Same question as Mike-- where will you be on Saturday and what time?

Jo Lynn said...

Okay, Mike & Victoria -- if you don't check your blogs or your emails for my answer, I will post it here: I will be at Tennessee Valley aid station all day (6:15 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.) I'm excited to see you guys. ;)

MJ said...

Great pics! I'm jealous - would love to be there....

Cheer EXTRA loud for Nicola Gildersleeve at Miwok - she's a friend of mine and there to kick a little ass!

Have a great time!