Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lake Chabot - Castro Valley

Boomer and I took Christy to Lake Chabot today to run the nine mile inner loop around the lake. It was a gorgeous day - clear as could be. A bit chilly for most of the run because it is covered by trees. You can see how flat the water was.

We stopped at the marina and I ordered up a hamburger patty for Boomer. I enjoyed a bag of corn nuts while we soaked in some sun.

I have just had one of the best running weeks I've had in quite some time. Our weather was great the entire week. It helped that I wasn't scheduled to work too much. I can feel myself getting stronger on the hills. I enjoyed four different parks, with two friends. My little dog ran over 35 miles this week! He hasn't put in that kind of mileage in months. (I guess he deserved that hamburger, huh?)
I need to put in a long run Monday (18-20 miles) in order to feel confident about my marathon in two weeks. It has to be hilly too. Doesn't that sound like something to look forward to? A long, hilly run (alone). Blah!
Until later.............


Southbay Girl said...

I want to come and run with you and Boomer!!!! I hardly have time to eat let alone jump in my car and drive to Northern California...but one weekend...I will do it and we will run together!!!!

René said...

Run to the hills!

aron said...

great job on another awesome run :)

have a great long run on monday!!!

Missy said...

Makes those hills your bitch!!!

I know you have a fancy schmancy self timer but how do you get it so you're not cutting off someones head or leaving a dog out!?! Great pictures, always.

AKA Alice said...

Missy's comment just made me laugh :-))

Great run. You live in just a beautiful place. Hope you're having a great long run (or it's about over) by now.

Lily on the Road said...

It looks beautiful where you are!

Good luck with your race...hills work will make it that much easier...enjoy your long run tomorrow.

MJ said...

Just caught up on your last dozen posts or so.... man you get to run on some of the nicest terrain! Enjoy your last two weeks of prep - looking forward to following along.