Friday, April 3, 2009

Flag Hill

I took Jana and her two doggies to Sunol again today. We hiked up to the top of Flag Hill. It's 1.25 miles up with about 1000 feet of climb.
Izzie, Boomer, Jana, Me and Spike
Hi Izzie
We're heading down, behind the barn and then back on the trail you can see going up the mountain
I wonder what this tree once looked like
Sea of wildflowers
Trouble makers!
These darn cows had our exit on the Indian Joe Trail blocked. They were protecting the little baby in the middle. Boomer herded them around the bend and when we turned it, we realized he herded them right into a corner. OOPS! With a little coaxing, we were able to get them to come on the left side of us so we could get out that gate. It was scary for a minute. Jana declared at that moment, she doesn't like cows!

Izzie and Spike, oh my gosh! Those dogs can run like there's no tomorrow. I thought Boomer was fast. These dogs run across a hill full charge, they're just a streak. And when they want to pass you on a single track, THEY WILL. Boomer's so nice, he'll just hang back until he sees an opening. LOL The Labs found a couple of nice ponds to swim in which thrilled them and allowed them to cool off a bit. Boomer dipped his toes, barely.

Fun was had by all on the little five mile loop. No squirrels were killed but many got their exercise today. I do mean MANY!

Until later............


Anonymous said...

I can't believe those cows!!Looks like your are having a real territory fight with them.

What a super time:-)

AKA Alice said...

Cows being trouble knew I'd have to comment on THAT!

What a great hike!

aron said...

love your pics as always! eek those cows sound scary!!

those labs sound just like emma... she LOVES to run and she is not very polite either :)

Missy said...

OK, seriously, how did you get the picture of 'everyone?' It's great!

Never come between a momma and her baby...of any species!!!

RunningLaur said...

So much fun!
I love the big group photo too, it's fantastic!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

oh my gosh. i want to come visit you so you can take ME up to Sunol. love the photos!

Anonymous said...

I want to live where you live! Those trails look amazing!

Southbay Girl said...

Aren't squirrel runs the BEST! Ok, they are the best for our four-legged runners!

You have had amazing running days-I'm so jealous!!!

René said...

Now there's some happy dogs!