Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Life after Mt. Diablo

I'm still on cloud nine from Sunday! I love looking through the pictures and reliving the run over and over. First thing Monday morning, I took Boomer to the Alameda Creek Trail for a two mile walk. I went for another two mile walk that night. Same thing for yesterday. My quads are a little sore but nothing that would keep me from doing anything at all. As a matter of fact, today I golfed with Keith and we walked the course. And guess what? KEITH GOT A HOLE-IN-ONE!!! I'm so happy I was there to witness it. I'm so proud of him! It's his very first one. The odds of an amateur golfer getting one is 1 in 12,750. Woot, woot Keith!

I've been thinking about how physically good I felt on Sunday and I wanted to share with you all, some good choices I made, prior to the marathon, that I believe allowed that to happen.

Boiron USA - Products - Sportenine®
I took one of these right when I started and then one every two hours. No muscle cramps, aches, fatigue, etc. One lesson I learned though. Don't keep them anywhere near your self-dissolving electrolyte tablets. Why? Well, you see, these are about the same size as electrolyte tablets, and you don't want to chew on electrolyte tablets. Have you ever? OMG, the whole thing comes flying out of my mouth and I watch it continue to fizz in the dirt. Blah!

REI Dry One Polypro Liner Socks at
No, they don't HAVE to be from REI but, sock liners definitely saved me from getting a single blister. I got a honkin' blister in my first 50k back in September. It was majority downhill. I know what goes up must come down so climbing 8,000 feet on Sunday was going to require me getting back down. When I took my shoes and socks off, my feet looked like I just got a pedicure, they were so pretty. I know for a fact I would have been blistered up, especially with my feet swelling from the salt intake and sweating from the heat.

REI OXT Pulse Tank Top - Women's at
Okay, this you have to get at REI. I bought this top at the last second, the day before the marathon. I knew it was going to be hot and when I picked up this shirt and felt how incredibly light it was, I knew it would be the perfect top for Sunday. All day long, I couldn't even tell I was wearing a top. And when I dipped my head in the faucet and drenched myself in the creek, it dried so fast! Good thing too, seeing as mine was white. LOL

Kafka's Kool Ties // HOME PAGE
I put this on about an hour into the race. I followed the directions, as far as turning it often so the outside becomes the part next to your neck. Every time I did this, aaaaaah, a little cooler I would get. I soaked it whenever I got a chance, at least at every aid station. I know some people will wear a bandanna and put ice in it or just get it wet but what if you are not anywhere that ice is readily available? This sucker was a lifesaver. They have tons of different designs. I'm sure there's one you will like. They are $10 at REI.

I know these things made a HUGE difference for me. I hope you will use one of these ideas in your upcoming race, be it a 5k or a 50k. If you do, I'd like to hear how it worked for you.

I'm working tomorrow morning so Friday will be my first run since Sunday. I'm dying to get back out, believe me!

Until later.............


Southbay Girl said...

I actually have 3 white long sleeved REI OXT shirts- and I LOVE them! I've seen the tanks but don't have one yet-maybe I'll have to make a visit to REI! I love REI!!!! Sock liners...hmmm I don't run in them but maybe I should have a pair!

Please check out the SF race!! Run the first half with us!! PLEASE!!! It will be so much fun!! We can pretend we're on trails!!

I'm so glad you are still on cloud 9-you deserve to be!! You did an awesome job!!!

run to eat said...

Thanks for the birthday shopping list, Jo - I'll print for my hubby. About the sock liners - you wear them AND socks?
And congrats to Keith! Dave still reminisces about his. Where was Keith playing?

Drs. Cynthia and David said...

Sorry I didn't get to say hello on Sunday. You did great! I got to meet Victoria at least. I missed the cutoff time second time at Rock City, which will bug me to no end until next year (or the year after) when I get it right!

I tried the wet bandana method, and periodically re-wet it along with my t shirt too. It was a life saver, and at least allowed me to keep going when otherwise I would have just given up and sat in the shade somewhere! Thanks for your other suggestions too.

Glad you had such a good experience. It didn't go so well for everyone. I rode back in a van full of crampy, nauseous or exhausted runners. Alot of us got humbled by Diablo. Maybe next year...


Jo Lynn said...

Yes Lori, sock liners go underneath socks. I like Smartwool socks.
Keith and I were at SJ Muni. It was hole #4. ;)

Lily on the Road said...

congrats Keith on the Hole in One! Awesome...

Wonder if REI will ship to Canada? So glad you had such a great run last weekend and thanks for sharing!

RunningLaur said...

Thanks for the product recommendations! Heat gear is so important, and you rocked the race, so they must be good!

aron said...

awesome thank you for all the recommendations! i always love to know what other runners like to use :)

enjoy your recovery and post race high!!

one of these weekends coming up maybe we can meet at the alameda creek trail or something for a little run after my race :) i will get on a real trail with you sometime this summer to try it out too ;)

OHH and i just saw southbay girl's comment... RUN THE FIRST HALF OF SFM! i am too with MANY blogger friends :)

Anonymous said...

Isn't that the best part of a long tortureous run...the high afterwards???

Enjoy yourself!

René said...

Thanks for the tips!