Thursday, January 8, 2009

Xena, Warrior Princess

I get new shoes, Xena gets a new bed. Every single time!


aron said...

that is so cute :) love it!! my cats love to curl up in little spots too. if we leave anything on the counter (paper, clothes, etc) they will for sure lay on it.

Jason said...

Continental Divides? Good shoes but the laces are a pain!

Rick Gaston said...

Love the shoes. I use to be a fan of the show. I used to even have 8 x 10 glossy's. Oops I've said too much.

Marcy said...

Awwwhhhhh how cute is that!

Southbay Girl said...

Woo hoo...gotta love when you can recycle stuff! Nice bed for Xena!! And nice shoes. I love getting nice shoes, but I hate breaking them in!!

leslie said...

So sweet!

I'm doing the Jed Smith Ultra Classic in Sacramento on Feb 7th. Fingers crossed. If you have any training advice, I'd LOVE to hear it!

Jo Lynn said...

Aron -- my cats do that too! Anything like that, they will lay on.
Jason - they are Hardrocks.
Yup Rick - TMI there. ;)
Thanks Marcy.
Hey Penny - it's hard to get the box away once she gets it too. She always looks so happy in them.
Leslie - It's better to go in undertrained and uninjured, just remember that.