Thursday, January 8, 2009

Aaaaaaaaw, you do care

I have been working, full days, Wednesday and today and I didn't get a run in on Tuesday. Hence, no blog for a few days.

But, I didn't realize I would be missed! Christy sent me an email, wondering if everything was okay. It really warmed my heart. Everything is good, just not blog-worthy. We are having inventory Sunday night so I have been doing a lot of preparation for that at work these last couple of days.

I did come home to this today:
My daughter, Sara, was having an inspection at her apartment today so I guess you could say she had Bella "in hiding" over here. And of course, I'm very grateful that my boy, Boomer, is always waiting for me when I get home.

They had every single toy out of the "toy box" and they were all over the living room. I think it's worse than having two year old humans sometimes. They have been playing all night. Bella has learned (very quickly) how to use Boomer's dog door and she likes going in and out whenever she pleases. She hasn't had all of her shots yet so she can't come along when Boomer and I go on our nightly walk after dinner. Sara took her for a vet appointment last Friday and she already weighs 22 pounds and she's only 13 or 14 weeks old. Pretty sure she's going to be a big girl. She's already about as tall as Boomer but he weighs 35 pounds. Bella will be bigger than him in a matter of weeks, no doubt.
I'm running with Catra tomorrow morning and then with Christy on Saturday morning. Yippee! Lots of single track in my extreme near future.

Until later.............


Southbay Girl said...

Boomer has a friend! How nice!!! I want to get Velcro a friend-at some point!!

I look forward to hearing about your runs. I really must find people to run with!!

Jo Lynn said...

I'm glad you like hearing about my runs Penny. Running with people is great. But, I know I always have Boomer if a friend cannot be found. That's nice.