Sunday, January 4, 2009

First weekend of 2009

I will start off by saying, "I'M TIRED!" I'm really, really worn out. Physically, emotionally, mentally - all of it. I'm exhausted! I don't even know why. I have a few ideas, but no solid proof that my ideas are any good. But the information that led me to my hunches is the fact that from Thanksgiving through New Year's day and even into this weekend, I was pretty much non-stop. I was either working, shopping, running, eating, running some more, more shopping and working, golfing every now and then, laundry, cleaning, running again, eating, baking, shopping, walking, hiking, more running, and even skiing on New Year's Eve (a day trip at that). And I must not forget my body did require sleep of at least seven hours per night. I can say I truly enjoy the things I decide to do every day. But, man, I'm tired.

Saturday morning, Keith and I, along with Christy and Steve, golfed at Shadow Lakes Golf Course in Brentwood. It was so very, very cold and windy all day. But, as you can see, it was a nice clear day and Mt. Diablo could be seen from every hole.

Christy and I wore our hoods up over our heads all day, and gloves. None of us had a good game, but you certainly couldn't beat the company. ;)

Before we parted ways yesterday, Christy and I had a plan to meet this morning for a run. I can certainly say thank God for running partners!! I slept terrible last night and this morning when my alarm went off it was very chilly (29 degrees). Knowing that I didn't want to let her down, I got my sorry butt out of bed and dressed in double layers all the way down to my socks. My phone rang and I was secretly hoping it was her, canceling our running date. No such luck. So, we met at the Alameda Creek Trail and ran (if you want to call it that) five sluggish miles. Both of us agreed we wouldn't have run this morning if we weren't meeting. As usual, we had a nice talk during our run. ;) I'm glad neither of us canceled. After she drove away, I went into Quarry Lakes and took these pictures.

I'm not scheduled to work until Wednesday so I'm hoping the next couple of days things will return to a sense of normalcy.
Until later.............


RBR said...

My first 2 runs and long bike ride of 2009 have su-uucked! This cold snap needs to end!

BTW, the masters program is at the International Swim Center in Santa Clara

Jo Lynn said...

Oh, thanks for that info RBR. I'll check it out.

Southbay Girl said...

I need a running partner that will get my sorry butt out of bed too! Velcro runs with me but she'll sleep until I get up!!!

great picture of you and Boomer!!!!

Your runs will get better. I understand being tired! I think I'm absolutely exhausted!!! getting older sucks! I don't rebound as fast as I used to!!!

Rick Gaston said...

That's a nice photo of Mt. Diablo from the other side. We got that mountain covered between the two of us. has been cold. I need to buy some running gloves. My hands were painfully cold the first two miles of our run.

Missy said...

How about some ass time or sleep between now and Wednesday!? That might do you right.

Marcy said...

The holidays always make me crazy tired as well. Thankfully now that they are over, maybe we'll both get some sleep? LOL

aron said...

running partners are the best!

i ran the alameda creek trail one time this summer, i need to go back one of these weekends.