Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mission Peak hike

This was my view as I was laying on the floor doing my ab work. A pooped puppy!

Boomer and I hiked six miles up around Mission Peak this morning with my friend Laurey (not HSE Lori) and her doggie Zoe. I didn't run at all and it sure feels different. Laurey is not a runner and I like spending time talking with her so a hike it was today.

You may have to click on the next photo to see what we saw. Two coyotes had this hill covered today. There was no chance for Boomer or Zoe to catch a squirrel.

We stayed on the main fire road all the way up, instead of cutting off onto single tracks like I do when I run. I came home and did some strength work on my Wii. When I was done, I just didn't have the same feeling I have after a run. I could tell I felt just a tad irritable and I wasn't motivated to do anything. I did what needed to be done around the house and when Keith came home he asked me why I was so down. I told him I think it's because I didn't get a run in today, even though I went for a hike. He told me to go see how fast I could run around our "20-minute block".
I did. It took me 9 minutes. I'm all better now. God bless my husband!


Southbay Girl said...

I understand! A hike or walk never feels the same! What a nice husband you have!!! And a pooped doggie is the best doggie!!

Marcy said...

Are you ever scared out there? With all the wild animals and all? (LOL sorry, it's probably a naive question)

Missy said...

YOU are an endorphin junky, that's it! When you don't get it, you're cranky. I could just squeeze that little buddy.

RBR said...

Awww! A pooped puppy is a beautiful thing! I am glad you got a hike in and I hope you have a great run this weekend!

Jo Lynn said...

Hey Penny - yup, he's pretty nice!
Marcy - there are some trails I won't run on only because I'm afraid of mountain lions. That's my only fear.
Yes Missy, I truly am!
RBR - I plan on getting in a good fast run tomorrow morning before work. ;)