Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mad (at) Hill Syndrome

Have you ever done this? Would you ever do this? I think I'm wacko. I got mad at a hill. Yes, at A HILL!

As you know, back in November I (crazily) publicly announced I was going to start running (carrying my sorry ass) up more hills. And I have been doing just that, thank you very much!
Now, with that said I will gladly tell you not all hills are created equal (DUH!). And not only that, but a hill you so easily jog up one day is not the same hill when you go back a few days later. No, no! Hills grow! When the rain comes, not only do the hills get greener and more lush, the damn hill itself GROWS. Yup, you heard it here first. I know, it's amazing. I wouldn't believe it either, if I hadn't been a witness to it.
So, I am approaching this hill that I just tackled a few (errr a week) days ago, knowing I plan on running up it. I run up and over. I almost pass out. WTF? I know I was able to run up this last time. I turn around and look at the hill, say a few choice words, give it a VERY dirty look (and I think I may have spit or blew snot on it.) I look at Boomer and I say, C'mon son, we're doin' that again.
I take my boy down the hill. I turn around, put one foot in front of the other, elbows bent at my sides, slightly lean forward and take off again up that hill. Grrrrrrrrrr!
It would take four trips up and down that hill before I (gave up) declared victory. Next time though, things will be different.
Damn hills!


Missy said...

No need to get 'down' - our next workout isn't ALWAYS better than our last. AT LEAST no one saw you, that would be tragic:) Boomer doesn't count, he likes you no matter what and thinks you're the greatest.

Marcy said...

Don't worry you'll kick the crap outta that baby the next time ;-)

Jodie said...

Hills?! What is this you speak of? Our "hills" never change...because they're made out of concrete and called overpasses.

Jogger said...

I love that you did it 4 times. It will most definitely be easier next long as you only do it once!

Stephanie said...

Hills aren't my best friends either. Have you ever tried letting Boomer pull you? Merlin does that, but then again he's crazy!

Jo Lynn said...

Thanks Missy & Marcy!
Ooooh, Sorry JoJo - that must be a drag.
Yup Jogger - I'm quite stubborn.
Hi Stephanie - I don't know if my 37 pound hound could help me at all but he does prefer it off leash anyway. Thanks for the idea (and for stopping by).