Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pacifica 21k

I'm almost positive I didn't come in last today, but the results are not "official" yet so we'll have to see. I'm always in the bottom 10% or so, that I can promise you. I went into today with absolutely no goals or expectations for myself. The longest Christy and I have run since October, I think, is 6.5 or 7 miles maybe. But, we didn't want to drive all the way to Pacifica for a 9k run, so we signed up for the 21k. Not a big deal. It wasn't like we didn't think we could do it. The initial climb of 3.5 miles is that -- a climb! There is no flat, no downhill, just UP. It was no surprise though, I have done this course before. It took me 70ish minutes to get up to the top of the first loop and 31 minutes to get back down. I passed about 20 people on the downhill that passed me going up. Of course, on the second loop we played leapfrog again.
Oh, let me tell you that Christy and I have never run a race together. What I mean by this is we never run with each other in races. We say our goodbyes at the starting line and then reconnect at the finish. I know it's strange but it works for us. I am not competitive, she is. I'd rather start in the back and pass people rather than have them pass me and make me feel even more anxious than I do. I lallygag, I take pictures. I breath heavy and don't like people to hear me. In our daily running life, we start, stay with each other, and finish together but when it comes to organized runs, she pours it on easier than I do. And for some reason I just lose my nerve. Now that you know this information, the following should not sound strange to you.
After the first loop, I came into the aid station where Mike, aka (Hold It! What am I doing?) was volunteering. He informed me that Christy "took a spill, a face plant." I was freaked out about this. I felt so bad that I wasn't there when she wiped out and I hoped she was not seriously hurt. Honestly, if I did see her wipe out, I probably would have been totally traumatized though. I started up the second loop and I really didn't want to finish. I kept telling myself to just turn around. It was only a 9k loop but my heart wasn't in it anymore. I guess I lost my motivation. I knew I couldn't call Christy but I was worried and sad for her. She finished about 15 minutes before me. She said she tripped over a root and flew face first, trying to catch herself with her arm. The end result is a bruised cheekbone, a scraped right arm, a couple huge bruises on her right leg, on her hand and she thinks she messed up her shoulder pretty bad. Our husbands, Keith and Steve, were golfing together so I called Keith and told him what happened and of course he relayed it to Steve. She wouldn't let me drive home which I really wish she would have. I called her about an hour ago and she says she's getting more purple on her cheek and her elbow. She may go have it checked out on Monday if it's not better.

The trails are all about this narrow. And the majority of the first loop was full of loose gravel and rocks. I enjoyed running on so much single track, that's for sure. I want to go back and do that 9k loop. No dogs are allowed in the park which kind of sucks. But, I would like to try that loop again.

Finally at the top of the 9k loop
Christy showing a little of her wounds

Me and Victoria basking in the sun. No, not really. I just finished and she was about at her sun limit because she finished about an hour before me. She is so freakin' unbelievably fast.

The three of us hung out for a while after the run and had soup and soda and other goodies.

I finished the 21k (13.02 on my Garmin) in 3:23. The good news is I feel fine. No IT issue, no knee or leg pain at all. Yay! I enjoyed the scenery (a little too much, no doubt.) The weather was perfect! The people at the PCTR events cannot be topped. It's like a little community. People don't rush off when they're finished running. They stick around and talk about the run. Undoubtedly, new friendships are made at every race they put on. And it's always nice to go with a good friend and see old ones while you're there.


Ida said...

found your blog by hitting next blog. I admire your running style. My best gal pal too start together and see each other at the finish line. I am forever slow but have fun. Happy trials. :)

RBR said...

Rockstar! I am so glad you take pictures too! Some people think I am nuts taking pictures during a "race."

Isn't that a great run? Maybe we could meet up and do it one weekend. That first climb (let's be honest hike. I maybe ran 20 steps when I did it last year) is crazy but the decent is wonderful. It can be tricky though and I sure hope your friend is ok.

Here is a link to my race report from last year it has a very similar picture to yours!

RBR said...


1. I meant descent not decent and

2. The link thing didn't work it is under my race reports for 2008.

Lame. Sorry

Southbay Girl said...

Awesome!!!! I think I bond best with the fellow running/bloggers that take pictures and are out there enjoying themselves!! And of course who run with their pups!!!

I've run PCTR race, here in Malibu-do all of their races have an almost 3 mile UPHILL at the beginning? I thought I was going to die running the one I ran and it was only an 8K...mind you it was HOT AS HADES!!!

Maybe we should meet at a PCTR somewhere in the middle???

Great job!!

Victoria said...

It was so great to see you today! And thanks for the compliment-- but my time was 10 minutes slower than the last time I did it, so go figure! Southbay Girl's comment made me laugh-- yes, most of the PCTR races have quite a bit of uphill involved-- it's Wendell's (RD) specialty...

Congrats on a good run! And tell Christy I hope she heals up fast...

Jo Lynn said...

Thanks for stopping by Ida.
RBR - I read your race report from last year, just a couple of days ago. I'd love to run that course with you sometime.
Yes Penny, Victoria answered your question. LOL

holly said...

Congrats! Sounds like you had a blast - I think you're my "speed".

COTY said...

love the pics! It looks like it was fun!

Marcy said...

YAY!! Congrats! I totally hear you on wanting to lallygag HAHA! I'm the same way.

I'm glad she wasn't hurt too bad.

Missy said...

Congrats, that rocks. I could never make one piece! Ha. I hate that for your friend - hope it's nothing serious!

AKA Alice said...

Yay for not being last! Those kind of things always make me happy.

Love the pix. What a beautiful day!

aron said...

you are awesome!!!! congrats :) love the pics too!

willgotthardt said...

Jo Lynn-

4th place in the '44 year-olds from Fremont' division is pretty good.

See you out there.

Will G.

Rick Gaston said...

Just read Victoria's account of the day. Sounds like you had a great time too. Sorry about your friend Christy. Falls like that are scary.

209Mike said...

Great job out there on Saturday. You were running better than you think you were. Looking forward to seeing you at the next race. Give my best to Christy.

Christy said...

Thanks for all of the well wishes. I went to the Urgent Clinic today and had xrays of my face and shoulder done. I assume no fractures (which is what I suspected)since I haven't gotten a call with the results. They only call with bad news, right? I hopefully will get to see the orthopedist Tues or Wed. I am afraid that I may have a torn rotator cuff. I can no longer lift my right arm, and it hurts alot when I try to bring it back down after atempting, along with a good amount of clicking in my shoulder. I will keep Jo Lynn posted.