Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A walk in the park

I was super happy when my dear friend Kimmy called me last night and asked if Boomer and I would be available for a walk this morning. Kimmy & I used to run together quite a bit. We even flew to New York three years ago to run our first half-marathon together. She hasn't switched over to trail running yet but I'm hoping she will soon! Boomer adores her.

I knew Christy was off of work, because of her injuries from Saturday, so I asked her and her sweet little doggie Emmi to join us. Emmi has to be leashed when Christy takes her out anywhere because she has knee issues. She has already had one operation and Christy is trying to put off the second one as long as possible. Because of this, Christy doesn't take her out running with us anymore. When I first started running with Christy, two and a half years ago, Emmi would join us. She was FAST! It was a nice treat for me and Boomer to see her. She is such a cute dog.

Christy, Emmi, Kimmy & Boomer

As you can see, Christy is wearing a sling on her arm now and she has a black eye. She has an MRI scheduled for tomorrow and an appointment with the doctor for her results on Monday.

The five of us enjoyed a nice four mile walk out at Garin. It was fun watching the dogs running and jumping all over each other. The rain has started to come down this afternoon. I work until 4:00 tomorrow but I'm hoping I'll be able to get in a little run after that. Of course, that is if it doesn't rain too much or too long.
Until later.............


209Mike said...

Oh good Lord! Poor Christy. That's a lot worse than I thought it was on Saturday. I'm guessing she's more pissed that she can't play golf than anything else.

Marcy said...

What a great way to spend a morning. Wow, poor Christy. Ouch!

209Mike said...

Are you going to be at Woodside on the 7th? I'm thinking about running the 35k.

Jo Lynn said...

Hey Mike -- no Woodside for me. We have a family ski weekend planned.