Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

The new year has begun and I believe I started it in the best way possible. Boomer and I met Christy at Garin and completed a five mile run with the majority of it being on single track. It was cool and foggy but still just as beautiful.

My boy playing catch up

Christy on a favorite single track
My legs were a little sore from skiing yesterday but it felt SO good to be out in the park. I have been doing most of my runs along the (flat) Alameda Creek Trail for the last month due to preparing for Christmas and working more hours. Being in Garin makes me very happy. Boomer and Christy seemed pretty darn happy too. ;)


aron said...

just found your blog :) im in the bay area too!

happy new year!!

RBR said...

Beautiful run! I LOVE your blog header picture (is that what you call it? I am not sure) How exciting that you ran STTS too! It was so amazing I loved it. I see from your favorite books we have another thing in common as I am a friend of Bill as well. For the past 17 years as a matter of fact.

I will love to watch your journey to the 50 miler. I want to do my first 50 miler next October.

Thanks for the comment!

Jo Lynn said...

Wow RBR! Thanks so much for the info about the critter from my October post. And it's great to know we share the same interest in books. ;)
The blog header was taken at Sunol Regional Wilderness Park.
Thanks for stopping by.

Jo Lynn said...

Hey Aron -- I responded on your blog. Thanks for saying hi.

Southbay Girl said...

Foggy run? HEAVEN!!!! Lucky you!!! Sounds perfect!!! What a great way to start 2009!! Maybe one day this year when we are up in your neck of the woods we can meet for a run!!

Jo Lynn said...

Most definitely Penny! Make sure it's a trip when Velcro tags along.

Missy said...

I WAS going to try trail running as part of my non-Ironman year but I may just have to leave that to all y'all (southernism). I'm such a klutz, I'd never make it out of the woods, I can't make it across the street:)

Jo Lynn said...

I know Missy -- I'm sorry about your mishap. That's really a drag!