Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tag (I'm it!)

Last week or so, I was tagged by Penny @ Planet Ynnep Running. I was asked to list the five things I am addicted to.

1. Running. Let's get the obvious out of the way! If I don't run, I don't feel right. This is no secret to any person that knows me, or knows any member of my family. I like to run every day, if possible. I am one of those people that will actually run while they are on vacation.
2. Lipstick (or chap stick, lip balm, lip gloss, etc.) I have some type of lip soothing product in a pocket of every single jacket/coat/sweater I own. There is one (or five) in my center console of my car at any given time. When I was running the Pacifica 21k, much to my surprise, there was no tube in my pack. On the first climb up, I was prepared to hand over my only $20 to anyone who looked like they were wearing some lip balm. I snagged Christy's from her when we approached each other on the turn around. ;) Btw - thanks girl!
3. Gum. Nine out of ten times you see me, I will have gum in my mouth. One time Keith and I were skiing and I realized I didn't have any gum. The resort had none for sale! We were on a lift with a snowboarder and he was chewing gum. A-HA! Hey dude, do you have any more of that gum? Bam! I had gum.
4. Sweets. I'm not a snob about them either. If it contains sugar, I will eat it. I would rather eat sweets than "real food." I think "cleaning your plate" is over-rated. People that are too full from eating their lunch or dinner and don't have room for dessert? I don't get that. That's called poor planning in my book.
5. Fleece blankets. Okay, not ALL fleece blankets. Just the one I sleep with. Yes, I sleep with a blanket. Keith calls it a blankie but in all honesty, it is a blanket. The package it came in even says so. Last summer when we traveled to Jamaica, I didn't have room in my luggage to bring my blankie, errr blanket. That was the first and last time I will make that mistake. I could not sleep on the plane and we had a long layover in Florida (where I may have been getting a bit cranky due to lack of sleep). Keith bought me a new one at the Brookstone store at the airport. Lesson learned (for both of us).

So, now you know.


Southbay Girl said...

I love your list of 5 things! Awesome!! I think the blankie is my favorite! there is nothing better than a soft blankie to sleep with!!!

No I must eat some truffles!!

aron said...

i ALWAYS have gum too, especially at work! its a little insane actually :) lol

AKA Alice said...

Ooooohhhhh...lip balm. I could have added that to my list too! I have it all over the house!

Love the blankie...I mean blanket story LOL!

Missy said...

#2, totally with you, chapstick aholic!

Steve Stenzel said...

Yes, yes, yes, yes, and YES!!!

(Lip-balm for me, not lipstick. Just making that clear...) ;)

Marcy said...

I'm with you on #2! I have about 5 sticks in my purse as we speak LOL