Saturday, April 21, 2012

Race ready?

I signed up for the Metro Triathlon  at the end of last year.

January came around and I began my training, especially for the swim.  Every week for the past 4+ months I have spent many hours in the water.  I started off barely able to swim 50 yards without passing out.  After a few weeks I had to learn all over again because I was breathing on one side only, every second stroke.  It felt like I was a beginner swimmer.  Finally I was able to swim 100 yards, then 200 and 500 yards.  The day came when I swam 3 500's with just a 30 second break in between.  I was on cloud 9.

A month ago I went into the lake with my wetsuit for the first time.  It was 52 degrees.  When I put my face in, I instantly got brain freeze.  I don't think I swam with my face in the water that day.  It took a couple of trips to the lake to swim with my face in the water.  I remember the first day I was able to do it tho, I felt wonderful.  Week after week, the water was getting warmer and warmer - 54, 56, 57, 58.  I was getting very comfortable with my wetsuit and could go further and further each time, without stopping. 

Last Monday I went to swim in the lake and had a horrible day!  I could not get more than 100 yards without stopping.  I could not get my breath under control.  I was so frustrated.  I had less than a week until my triathlon, where I need to swim 1500 yards and I can't even go 100 yards without stopping and treading water?  This sucks!  I went again on Wednesday and had a great swim.  I was able to do the entire distance.  I went again yesterday and when I was done swimming, I was very excited for my triathlon tomorrow.  I told my friend that I no longer had anxiety about the swim.  I felt very positive about it.

Then this morning came.

I woke up extra early so I can go to sleep early tonight for my 4:00 a.m. wake up call tomorrow morning.  I checked my email and see that the swim portion of my triathlon has been canceled.  No swim!!!  The water conditions are unhealthy.  I am beyond disappointed.  I have trained SO hard for this swim and dedicated SO much time to it. 

Now we will be doing a 1 mile run, 40k bike, and the 10k run.  Not ideal, that's for sure but I will make the most of it and try to have a fun time doing it.

I have other triathlons in the works for the year but this was the one that I was training for, the one that would show me I am prepared for the rest.  Oh well, at least my transition area will be a lot easier to set up and I get to ride my bike without a wet head. 

Until later.............


Unknown said...

I know that you are disappointed, but these things happen. Try to make the best of the situation.

Have a great race!


Bummer to train for it and then...

I know your brain freeze.. at IM St George I started the swim and started hyperventilating after 30 seconds. I thought I was having a panic attack. 30 seconds into an IM! Luckily I was able to breast stroke and get adjusted to the water

Marci said...

That sucks, but maybe sign up for another one where you can swim. Good luck!!!

Runners Fuel said...

That sucks I guess it just means that you must sign up for another tri!

Lily on the Road said...

Wow, the swim Gods weren't playing fair this time, it just means that another tri is in the future.

So??? How did it GO????