Saturday, June 6, 2009

PCTR Mount Diablo 25K Trail Run

Running shoes? Check
Cute new running outfit? Check
Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen? Check
Ankle taped up? Check
Good mental state? OOPS!

I think my week affected me more than even I want to admit. And remember when I said I held back my tears at the hospital? I shouldn't have. The outcome? A giant meltdown on the side of the trail at mile 5.5 of a 16 mile run. When you are climbing almost continuously for that long and you are by yourself, your mind can wander. I try to keep it positive but today I just couldn't get enough good thoughts together. I couldn't get any. I tried, I tell ya. I continued on up the trail for a little bit and felt another meltdown coming on. I stopped, took my number off, turned around and went back down the trail. Enough is enough. Get me the heck out of here. After a couple of miles, I was disappointed in myself that I didn't go all the way to the turn around point. Yup, I felt like a loser!

I have some nice pictures to share though. ;)

Last time I ran at Mount Diablo was the marathon in April. It was 95 degrees that day. I used this water to cool myself off at one point. Today it was COLD! I wish I had gloves. And my long sleeved shirt. It was overcast and windy up high. Everyone just ran on by the available water today.

I did catch these two military men visiting from Camp Pendleton. I enjoyed chatting with them for a couple of miles. It's always fun to tell "boys" I have a daughter just about their age. Jaws drop and the accusations fly. I could keep their 7:48 pace on the downhill portions but once it flattened out I had to let them go. They were doing the 50K. I told them smoking crack wasn't allowed in the military and they had to be smoking it to agree to do THIS 50K. It's brutal.

I waited around for Christy to finish in 4:05. Good job girl!
Theresa finished a few minutes later. Taking 20 minutes off her time from last year. Way to go!

I'm glad I waited around (actually, I had to - I drove Christy. LOL) because Theresa ordered three mountain sized pizzas to be delivered at 1:00. And, there was CAKE!
It's easy to work through a difficult situation if you're mentally strong. It's impossible to work through a difficult situation if you're not. Today, I was not. I think today happened just as it was supposed to. I don't question that. It's not like I ever have "free time" to just sit and cry. It was forced upon me. I'm cool with that.
Until later.............


Looney said...

It sounds like you had a productive weekend anyway - and the pictures are nice. Will you try another event?

René said...

It sounds very therapuetic, don't let it get you down.

Southbay Girl said...

I am so sorry I flaked and wasn't there for you! For I would have been running with you(hopefully)!

You know I've had meltdowns while out running! The uncontrollable tears! I hate it but in the end it does make me feel better-my eyes look like shit but it makes me feel better! You had one hell of a week little lady[i can call you that because you wear size smalls and I don't :-)]. I hate to say at some point you were due a good cry-I'm just really bummed it had to happen on the slopes of Mt Diablo! Maybe Mt Diablo was pissed because you kicked it's ASS on the marathon!!

I commend you for going as far as you did before heading back!! And for keeping your spirits up when I know you were disappointed!

All in all-the week was GOOD! This was but a minor hiccup! We've all, or at least I, have had meltdowns running! probably more times than we all care to admit! We are all human! We can't be perfect all the time! I know we try!

I still think you are a rockstar!! And I know you'll kick the next mountains ass and be smiling!!!

Keep smiling now! You are wonderful and you had a great week with a life changing event! Embrace the positive!!

MJ said...

Good job keeping things in perspective.... a few miles not run and one less finish-line on your resume is hardly important in the full scheme of things.

Allowing yourself to decompress and take a mental health day was clearly a good choice.

You'll be back on those trails with a vengeance before long!

Drs. Cynthia and David said...

Nice to finally meet you! You even got a picture of me (behind Christy) - wish I didn't look so old, but I guess I am getting there...

I was pretty pleased with the first loop, but I was pretty toasted by the halfway point and had a pitiful second half. Oh well. I saw those two guys too- they were really positive and supportive- even moreso than usual!

Sounds like a therapeutic experience. You're probably better off having let off steam alone anyway, so you could really acknowledge all those feelings. Hopefully you won't have to go through that again.


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Breaking down out there on the trail, sounds like the perfect place to let the tears flow! It's out there in your element. :-)

Pictures are beautiful as always. Thx for sharing. :-)

Lauren said...

I'm so sorry you had a rough day out there! I wish I could have stayed to see you at the finish, but I had to make the naptime deadline at home. For what it's worth, the girl I was running with down the hill said that you looked really "cute and put-together" on the trail. :) And Helen would definitely approve of the pink!

See you around!
(Yes, I found your blog with a little googling; I hope that's ok...)

RunningLaur said...

Sorry you had a DFN, but it sounds like some good trail therapy is just what you needed.

You'll be back out there knocking down hills soon enough.

And cake. Hooray cake!

Missy said...

Better to stop than push through and have a total freak out. You're right, probably should have let it out at the time BUT running IS the best therapy. That's for sure, cheaper too.

Hang tough and cry when needed...oh yeah and run too;)

Victoria said...

Oh Jo Lynn-- big hug to you! I'm sorry you had a trail meltdown, but you know, sometimes you just need to cry. I'm not very good at doing it, but it's pretty important and what better place to cry than on Mt. Diablo? Right?

Seriously, sending you much love-- even though you made fun of my "baby race!"

AKA Alice said...

Sometimes you just gotta cry it out. That's OK. Clearly you needed to just let go. You were smart to stop and turn around.

BTW...that is the best LOSER picture I've ever seen!

Also, about Kat's picture on my blog. I completely thought of you when I saw how much whipped cream she was putting on her coffee...I thought, "oh JoLynn is gonna love this." How weird is that?

Donald said...

Cold on Mt Diablo? I don't believe it - never seen it.

Sorry to read about your rough day. I guess they happen to all of us, but that doesn't make them any more bearable. No worries, though - you'll have your day to make up for it.

P.S. To answer your question, feel free to refer to my website reviews anytime you'd like. Thanks!

Mike Scammon said...

Diablo isn't going anywhere. :) next time. Maybe I'll see you at Pacifica in July.

toni said...
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toni said...

great job out there!!! had fun hiking with you... hope to see you soon... here are some pics of you... feel free to use any from this album for your blog =)


aron said...

its pretty crazy how running can just take complete control of our emotions sometimes. i am not typically a crier either, i just dont think about it, but sometimes when out running by yourself it just takes control. sounds like you needed to let that out. hugs as always :)

Rick Gaston said...

Like what some people already said. You got some good trail therapy. I can't think of a better place to breakdown and let some of that out.