Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Moving right along

Boy oh boy, where do I start?

How about a photo of how my foot looks this morning!!  I'm not a "feet person" at all, so if you get offended by pictures of feet, I understand and apologize. 

Hard to believe, during recovery from surgery, that I've been so busy.

I went back to work yesterday.  I was very excited about that.  I worked a four hour shift, which was just enough.  I will continue to work shifts no longer than 4.5 hours for the next couple of weeks.  It was great to see some co-workers and help customers out.  I'm glad I talked the doctor out of staying out for SIX weeks. 

I've been going to Pilates twice a week since my second week of recovery.  Yesterday I was finally able to do 100% of the class.  I've also been working my upper body and abs a couple times a week, in the evening.  I would like to go to yoga but I think that would be difficult considering I can't bend my big toe yet.

Early last week I took Boomer to our new dog park a few days.  The 25 or 30 minute walks around the neighborhood were okay for a little bit but what the boy really needed was some off leash time.  He's doesn't really play with other dogs that much so we mainly walked laps around the park.  What he really likes is to play kickball with tennis balls.  He lays (or crouches) next to it, I kick it, and he runs as fast as he can to where it stops.  I walk over and do it all over again.  He can do that all day, and all the sprinting wears him out.

Friday I met Leanne and her two doggies at the Alameda Creek Trail for a walk.  That was the first day I could wear a regular shoe.  We walked for about an hour and got rained on toward the end.  I know we didn't get very far because I had to walk so slow but I was SO happy to be outside, walking freely, chatting with a friend and watching the dogs run around with each other. 

Saturday I drove to San Francisco to volunteer at this PCTR event.  I have worked it the past two years.  I always help with check-in and work the aid station for a few hours.  Every year, I find it less and less crazy that these people run circles around Crissy Field for 12 or 24 hours.  It almost seems normal to me now.  This year it was cold, rainy and windy for most of the event.  The winner of the 24-hour event completed 104 laps (each lap is 1.04 mi.).

Shirtless runners get a spot on my blog

So do adorable little girls, dressed appropriately 

This Marine carried this flag the entire time.  Her goal was 80 laps in 24 hours.

I took Boomer to the Alameda Creek Trail again on Monday for a 60-minute walk.  We got further this time, probably between 1.5 and 1.75 mi.  I'm not wearing running shoes, they're still too snug on my foot, so I'm wearing open toe sandals.  The only other dog we saw on the trail happened to step on my right foot!  Yes, it hurt!  A lot.  I put this picture only because I think Boomer looks hilarious. 

Yesterday after Pilates I went swimming.  I dug out my suit, cap, goggles, ear plugs and went over to the pool.  I have not been in the water since my triathlon, which was September, 2009.  Isn't that horrible?  Last summer I was swimming quite a bit and I liked it.  I sprained my ankle in July so was unable to run.  I would go to the pool and swim a mile a few days a week.  Then the triathlon came and I hated the swim portion, in open water.  I was so discouraged at my performance that I never wanted to swim after that.  Since I am not able to do any type of cardio right now, other than swimming, I took the plunge.  Ha ha!  I stayed in for 35 minutes or so, completing half a mile.  It was nice to get my heart rate up a bit but I found it extremely boring.  I have four more pre-paid passes so I will probably go once a week until I can start cycling and/or running. 

Tonight Sara and Sterling will be coming over for dinner, to carve pumpkins, and roast pumpkin seeds.  It's a tradition we do every year and I'm happy Sara looks forward to it as much as I do.  The guys?  Probably not so much.  At least tonight we get to watch the Giants in the World Series while we cook and carve. 

Do you have any Halloween traditions?


Until later.............


aron said...

you are a busy bee!! glad things are going so well and the foot is looking good! omg i had a big blister on my pinky toe and kylie (all 110+ lbs of her) jumped on it and it hurt SO BAD! i can only imagine what that felt like to you :(

i have some free weekends in november, maybe we can get together for a walk or something - i miss you!!

Ewa said...

Your foot looks pretty and strong!
Great that you are getting out doing things, moving, working and having fun.
Swimming IS boring (sorry to all lovers of the pool).
Happy pumpkin carving.


I guess you shouldn't look at two of my posts back of my dinner with Nolan Ryan. Then you would know where my heart is tonight (about 35,000 feet on my way to LA, actually)

Foot is looking good!

trailmomma said...

Great photos (foot included). That little girl is adorable and Boomer's face is priceless.

Great job on all the exercise lately! You are quite busy!!

I completely agree about swimming . . . I find it so boring even though it is a great workout. I can only manage about 30 minutes in a pool myself. Maybe if I bought those underwater headphones I'd be able to stand an hour. :-)

leslie said...

Is it weird that I can't imagine someone not liking feet photos? Besides, you have cute toes!

Glad recovery is going so well! Keep up the great work and congrats on getting back to work!

Lisa said...

your foot is looking great!

i don't love swimming either. i went for one month (because I paid for a month) this summer and then stopped again. It's just not the same...

Looney said...

I enjoy the swimming, but not in the pool. Too bad quarry lakes water is full of bugs.

Anyway, feet our beautiful and it is great that you are already out and about.

Pigeon said...

Glad to hear things are moving along!!

Love the photos and I can't wait to see the pumpkins you guys carve.

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

Wow you have been busy! The foot is looking great! Glad to hear you are progressing so well.

We are doing pumpkins this weekend too. thanks for the reminder to roast the seeds. yum yum

René said...

Cute picture of you and Boomer!

Glenn Jones said...

What a huge difference in your foot! Wow! Glad to hear that you are ambulatory again.

P.S. - as much as I am a huge Dodger's fan, I just can't bring myself to root for an American League team. Go Giants!

Drs. Cynthia and David said...

Your foot looks almost well now. Won't be long before you'll be running better than ever. You sound much happier too. Good to hear!


kizzy said...

I like this line; I'm not a "feet person" at all, so if you get offended by pictures of feet, I understand and apologize. it's a runners feet...

--Keep running like no one is looking.
~kizzy mountain khaki

Kim said...

Your feet look great after surgery and so happy to see you are getting some cardio in even if it is boring, it still gives you the nice endorphin buzz afterwards I'm sure.

LOL at the picture of you and Boomer. It looks as if he's smiling.