Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What's the saying?

Give me an inch, I will take a mile!

I am actually having to record my activities on a calendar again.  I can hardly believe it.  Today is 12 days since my surgery.  Naturally, my "MED2010" is not perfect but I am definitely doing the very best I am able to do.  I've been using the Home Gym almost every day.  One night I did planks and used my Pilates bands for some upper body work.  Once I started moving, I am having trouble stopping.  Am I over-doing it?  I don't think so.  Sometimes my toe will hurt and when it does, I chill out.

Monday I took Boomer around the block by myself.  He was so sweet.  Usually he and I walk at a very fast pace.  Monday he was walking at my pace, nice and slow.  He is not one to "heal" when we walk but he was actually walking right next to my left leg a lot of the time.  When he would get to the end of his leash, he would stop and wait for me to catch up, without pulling.  I stepped on a rock and kind of lost my balance at one point.  My reaction was, "ouch".  He immediately turned and looked at me and then walked right back to my side.  He amazes me, how in tune he is with me and my feelings. 

After my walk, I was able to vacuum my house, make the bed, clean the bathroom, dust.  I was so happy to be able to get some stuff done around here.  I did an upper body work-out on the Home Gym.  Then my step-daughter came over and gave me a haircut.  It was really an awesome day!

Yesterday, my step-daughter picked me up and took me to the gym so I could go to a Pilates class.  I was SO excited.  The instructor was shocked to see me.  I told her I would be out for about three weeks.  Instead, I only missed one week.  I was able to do 95% of the class.  I was a little hesitant being on hands and knees because I didn't want to stub my toe on the ground.  Other than that, I was good.  Loren said she will take me back on Thursday.  Yay!

Today is my 18th wedding anniversary.  18 years ago today, Keith and I were married in Jamaica!

Since this was a second wedding for both of us, we were more concerned about the honeymoon than a fancy wedding.  We found Sandals in Jamaica, an all-inclusive, couples-only resort.  We decided that was where we wanted to go on our honeymoon.  After doing some more research, we saw they did weddings for a very reasonable cost and it included absolutely everything (even the best man and maid of honor!)  How could we go wrong. 

We arrived on Monday morning and they require you be on the island a minimum of 24 hours before you get married.  We set up our wedding for 5:00 Tuesday evening, right before sunset.

The morning of our wedding, I was learning how to scuba dive.  They let you do it for free but you have to be "certified".  Keith has a certification from the States so he didn't have to go through the training.  I did the textbook class and the swim test before putting a tank on my back and heading down to the ocean for that portion of the class.  We (students) sat on the beach and the instructor would pull us out, under the water with our masks on and we were learning how to breathe.  I didn't like this part so I kept kicking backwards out of the water.  The third time I did this, I felt something sharp on my butt.  I figured I just sat on some sea grass.  I threw my tank off, stood up and wiped the sand off my behind.  I felt no sea grass and it was still stinging.  I couldn't believe it - I sat on a jelly fish!!!  It's 1:00 and I'm getting married at 5:00.  Gah!

I went to sick bay and they took care of me.  I went on to get a manicure/pedicure (sitting on the edge of the chair the entire time) and by the time my wedding came along, I was fine.  It still makes us laugh when we think about the whole ordeal.  But really, how many people can say they sat on a jelly fish four hours before they got married?!

It was a pretty quick "ceremony" with my maid of honor and Keith's best man dressed in typical Jamaican party attire.  We joke because we were the only white people in our wedding.  We had a little reception with rum wedding cake and they provided us with a private dinner where they served us steak and lobster. 

We probably wouldn't have picked Tuesday, the 13th to get married but I will tell you, 13 has been our lucky number ever since.  It is surprising how often that number comes up for us.  Even 1013 (October 13) does.  As a matter of fact, I was born at 10:13 p.m.  And, most recently, my papers from my bunion surgery have a discharge time of 10:13 a.m.  I know, it's strange.

Keith surprised me with a new camera this morning.  While he is off at work, I am baking a heart-shaped cake which I will decorate with red sprinkles and red hot candies.  Tonight we are going to a nice seafood restaurant in San Jose. 

We have beat the odds, this we know.  We've lived together for almost 20 years.  We raised two girls from our previous marriages, who have grown up to still be great friends and live together today.  These girls still like to hang out with us too.  We've had a successful business for almost 19 years.  I was able to stay at home from the time the girls were in 3rd grade until after they graduated high school.  We've both quit old habits and started new ones.  We've learned to step up when the other can't quite do it.  We give each other space, and provide love and affection not because we have to but because we want to.  Has it always been easy?  Heck no!  Is it worth it?  Oh yes! 

Until later.............


aron said...

Happy anniversary!!!!! LOVED the wedding story, I had never heard it before :)

glad you are doing so well, not that I had any doubt ;)

Kim said...

Happy Anniversary! Love the picture of the two of you and glad to see you are able to do some of the things you wanted to and good for you w/ that pilates class!

Runners Fuel said...

Your dog is so sweet!! Happy anniversary!!

Ewa said...

It is just amazing how animals feel our discomfort and pain. My cats usually sleep by my feet. When I got the cancer diagnosis they moved and slept by my head. Their purring often woke me up but I loved their company. Your dog is just amazing.

Love your wedding story. Really funny.

Happy Anniversary and I am glad to hear you are recovering so well. I bet it is because of your strong spirit and healthy body.

Maryland Girl aka Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary! I love a great marriage success story! Congrats on getting moving. I knew that surgery wouldn't keep you down for long.

Lisa said...

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary. Here's to many more happy years together!!

Cute wedding story too. :-)

trailmomma said...

Happy Anniversary. That is a GREAT story! I love it!!!

Glad things are going well and healing both physically and mentally!

Drs. Cynthia and David said...

So glad to hear your recovery is going well, and that you have an attentive friend helping you through it.

Happy Anniversary! You've had a very inspiring life. Thanks for sharing!


Nick said...

Glad to hear you are back to doing some things.
Just be patient and you'll be glad you did.

Are pups Awesome?

Happy belated 18th.

Johann said...

Happy Anniversary! Lovely wedding story. Boomer is super! I love my dogs and cats. They definitely know when we are sick or injured.

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy anniversary! Love the picture and the story! Glad you're getting out and moving around!

Irene said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!

I've just read your last 4 blog posts to catch up. I'm very glad to know the surgery went well and you are recuperating nicely, even though it has been a royal pain in the foot! I also notice a picture of you with your crutches, how toned your arms are, perhaps from the home workouts AND using crutches. ;) Yay!