Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Post-op appointment

I wrapped my foot in a plastic garbage bag yesterday and secured it with duct tape so I could shower.  I used our small walk-in shower instead of mine which is in a bathtub.  I had to use the three walls to balance myself because I can put no weight on my right foot yet.  It is cooling off here so I slipped on some yoga pants and a tank top but by the time I got dressed I was over heated so changed back into shorts.  I was going to blow dry my hair but the shower and getting dressed wore me out so I just pulled my hair into a ponytail.  I did all this so I could get to my 5:00 p.m. post-op appointment.  Keith dropped me off as close as he could and then he went and parked.  I hobbled along on my crutches to the doctor's office and plopped down on a chair in the waiting room.  Phew, we made it.  Keith went up to the receptionist to check in for me.  He told her I had a 5:00 appointment.  "Oh, she has a 5:00 phone appointment.  Dr. is going to call her."  When I was leaving the surgery center, we (Keith, Sara and I) heard I had a post-op appointment and none of us heard "phone". 

I get a call from a nurse a few minutes later telling me Dr. had to go to the hospital so he was unable to do his phone appointments last night, he would call me in the morning.  He called this morning at 8:45.

Doctor:  Are you doing okay?
Me:  Depends on what you mean by "okay". 
Doctor:  Are you in any pain?
Me:  Yes, actually!  I've been in quite a bit of pain.  I'm not what you would call a wimp either, I have a pretty strong pain threshold.
Doctor:  Well, we may have to reclassify you then.  Out of all the patients I have talked to, you're the only one complaining of pain.  Many of the other surgeries were more extensive than yours. 

Thanks Doc!  I feel a whole lot better now.  He already told me in my pre-op appointment that I wouldn't even need pain killers after the first night.  I wonder if he's every had this particular surgery.
Doctor:  Have you been elevating, icing?
Me:  I have been doing everything I am supposed to do.  I have been elevating with three pillows, day and night.  Icing under my knee, right?
Doctor:  Try icing your foot too, that may help.  If it's not 50% better by this time tomorrow, call and make an appointment for me to see you Thursday or Friday.

I have been icing my FOOT since then and the pain is substantially better.  Instead of two Vicodin every four hours, I am taking one Vicodin every six hours.  This means of course, that I'm awake more which means I am already bored out of my mind.  BORED, I tell ya. 

I did ask Keith to get the Total Home Gym set up for me to use tonight.  I guess I could read up on how to use it. 

My next appointment is on October 15th.  I did clarify - it is an office visit.

Until later.............


aron said...

i was JUST thinking about you.

ugg that is annoying about the phone appt - sheesh! and annoying about what the doctor said, dont say those things mr! well i hope you are feeling better soon and icing your foot helps things along. i can only imagine how bored you are already, but you are doing a good job!! hang in there :)

Lisa said...

Aye carumba. What a pain (figuratively....but I guess literally works too).

Glad the new instruction for icing the foot is helping. Sorry you are bored already, but I think that means you are healing!

Drs. Cynthia and David said...

Well, his comment was uncalled for! I once worked on a project involving a sustained release local anesthetic and they tested it in a clinical trial with patients having foot surgery (because this was known to be particularly painful), so this Doc is full of crap about the pain. Glad that the icing is helping though. I'm a big fan of foot icing because of my injury!

At least you are brave enough to have the surgery. I have a bunion too but am chicken to have it done. Wishing you a rapid recovery. Have fun with the weights- they will help alot.


trailmomma said...

Wow, what a snippy doctor you have! Lordy!

I am sorry to hear you're in so much pain. I never iced although I never had any pain but I can sympathize with the garbage bag showers, the annoying crutches and being so extremely bored.

Ewa said...

OK, I will just say it. What a JERK!
Talk about lousy bedside manners.
I am sorry you have to put up with this. It is enough to have a painful procedure, you really don't need this attitude.
Gosh, I hope you heal really fast and don't have to put up with that.
Do you have Netflix account so you can watch some movies online?


The good news is it will probably only get better. Chin up and hope you feel better soon

Judi said...

im sorry it hurts. damn girl. heal up.

Char said...

Did it make you feel like a wuss to be the 'only one' who was having pain? Stupid comment by the doc. Glad to hear it's starting to improve though.

Katie A. said...

OMG! I have to laugh, but I'm sooo sorry! I'm glad it's feeling better!
BTW, I'm a whimp. I am no good with pain. My mom attributes it to my red hair - she says all red heads have no pain tollerance! That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
Feel better!

René said...

I hope the pain management gets better and you're able to find some relief!

Lily on the Road said...

Oh dear! I really hope that the pain subsides SOON!!!

I have to agree with Drs. C & D, he had no business saying that, his bedside manner took a wee vacation it seems.

Johann said...

This will not be my favorite doc. Hope it gets better soon! Take care!

PunkRockRunner said...

I was thinking of you when I was trail running the other day and about how much you love them. I hope you have a speedy recovery.

All the best,


chris mcpeake said...

your doctor sounds like he is running a little low in the empathy dept. Good luck with the recovery.

Southbaygirl said...

what an ass!!!!!