Sunday, October 10, 2010

One week post-op

Thursday night I was watching television and noticing how people just "stood up and walked".  UGH!  I got so mad that I can't do that.  I just wanted to stand up, move away from the chair and WALK.  I saw no walking in my future.  Ever!  I was in such a funk.

I knew Friday was the day I was cleared for weight bearing on my foot.  But I just couldn't imagine I would be able to put weight on it the next day.

Friday came and I kept trying to put my foot down on the floor.  Nope.  I'd try again and again.  Each time, pulling it up as soon as it touched the floor because of the pain.  By late afternoon, I was trying SO hard to just take one little step.  Finally, holding both crutches, I took a step.  It hurt, I'm not going to lie.  I called it good for the day.

Yesterday morning I started trying again.  After having a couple cups of coffee, I just started hobbling on my crutches, from one end of the house to the other and kind of placed my foot down with each step.  Pretty soon, I was putting more weight on it.  After a few trips back and forth, before I knew it, I was walking on it.  I took a little break then got up and tried again.  I was a bit stiff at first but just kept going back and forth.  Finally, I felt comfortable enough to drop a crutch.  Ta-da!  One crutch down!

I did take two crutches when I left the house though, because I was going to be moving around a lot and wasn't sure how long I would hold up. 

Sara picked me up at 3:00 and drove me up to Lake Chabot.  I strongly suggested to Stacey, the last time I saw her, that she would probably LOVE running the Golden Hills Marathon.  I have run this marathon twice, and I volunteered last year.  Since I couldn't run it with her this year, I wanted to be at the finish to see her come in.
The course starts at Tilden Park in Berkeley and takes you through the gorgeous parks I love to run in Oakland and ends at Lake Chabot.  There is always a wonderful crowd hanging out and TONS of food, drinks and desserts.  There is a 50-mile race going on at the same time and ends at the same place.  This year, there were 450 runners registered, between the two distances.  Stacey did absolutely awesome, finishing the 26.2 grueling trail miles in a little over seven hours.  She said she thought the course was beautiful and I did not mislead her in any way. 

After we left Lake Chabot, Sara and I went to see a movie where I laughed a lot and ate popcorn and Junior Mints.  I got home about 8:30 and was exhausted.  I iced my foot and elevated it because it felt a tad swollen from letting it hang down at the movie.  It was a great day though and felt wonderful to get outside.

I was feeling sorry for Boomer last week because the poor guy is not getting the kind of exercise he is used to.  I called a friend of mine that we do dog-sitting back and forth with and told her about my surgery and limitations.  She walks her dog around Lake Elizabeth twice a day.  She came that afternoon (Wednesday) and both Thursday and Friday morning to take Boomer out with her and Hannah, the Portuguese Water Dog.  When she dropped Boomer off Friday morning, she said she would call me after the weekend, which makes me believe she is going to keep doing this for a little while.  That was a big load off of my shoulders. 

Pain medication is not needed during the day anymore.  I am taking one at night time and sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and need one.  Sleeping is a challenge.  I have been sleeping on top of the covers with a blanket over me and a pillow under my foot.  Last night I tried to sleep under the covers but I was just too worried about my foot getting moved the wrong way.  This caused me to have trouble falling asleep.  I got back on top of the covers and ended up being woken up two or three times during the night from pain.  I have faith that it will only get better. 

This morning when I woke up, it looked so beautiful outside.  I put on some shorts and stepped out onto the porch.  I decided I wanted to go for a walk.  Since Keith had to work, I sent Sara a text and told her I wanted to go around the block.  She asked if I had a wheelchair.  I told her I didn't, I wanted to walk!  She said she'd be right over.  She took Boomer on his leash and we all walked (VERY SLOWLY) around the block - without crutches!!!  It took forever, but I did it.  I was very excited. 

So, all in all - a pretty good last couple of days.  Wouldn't you say?  I think it's only going to get better from here on out.

Until later.............


trailmomma said...

Yeah for small victories! That is great you friend came and took Boomer out for a walk too.

I have never heard of that marathon before . . . might have to add it to my "to do" wish list now! Keep healing!

Southbaygirl said...

woo hoo!!! awesome a walk!! I know that must have put a smile on your face and Boomer's!

I'm glad Boomer is having doggie time-I know that would be my concern with Velcro!

I'm so glad you are down to just a vicodin at night-that stuff makes me loopey!!!

Thinking of you!!

Looney said...

Good job! You will be back on the trails before you know it.

Drs. Cynthia and David said...

Yea, you're mobile again! You'll make steady progress now.

Such a cute picture with Stacey!


Pigeon said...

Great job! That was awesome of your friend and great job to your runner friend and the marathon.
Healing thoughts sent your way!

Johann said...

Things will improve faster and faster. I read Stacey's report earlier and was surprised to see you were there. Have a great week!

Lisa said...

I'm glad you are doing better. Being able to get out of the house has to lift your spirits. :-)

Lisa said...

p.s. I'm glad Boomer is out getting some exercise too, I know that must be a load off your mind, although I think his sad face is more about seeing you laid up, dogs are smart that way.

Ewa said...

You are my hero! I am so impressed by you not giving up and getting out there trying and improving. Good job. At this rate you will hit the trails soon.

RunningLaur said...

You're doing great!
And in other good things - those crutches make you look like you have amazing arm muscles!!

aron said...

you are doing so awesome!!! yay no crutches and getting out of the house! i am sure that felt GREAT ;)

Katie A. said...

Wow! You are a champion! One week out and you have almost ditched those crutches! Whoo hoo!'re an awesome friend for going and meeting RBR - that is just priceless.
Glad Boomer is still out and about, I know my Lills goes stir crazy without the exercise!
Feel better!

Tara said...

yay for walking! I am sure that felt like a huge accomplishment and being able to get around and get outside to see friends must make you smile :) Keep it up lady!