Monday, February 9, 2009

Sunday at Squaw Valley

Our girls, along with their boyfriends, joined us at Squaw Valley on Sunday. My daughter Sara is next to me with her boyfriend Sterling. Keith's daughter Loren is next to him, with her boyfriend Cody.

The girls paid for ski lessons but ended up letting Keith show them how to ski. Sara was ready to give up on the group lesson after about five minutes. Keith spent the majority of the day skiing backwards down the bunny slope with one of the girls skiing toward him. By mid-day they were both making large turns and they were very excited about it.

The boys and I did a couple of long runs and we all hooked up for a nice lunch together.

When we were all tired out at 3:30, we took the cable car to the very top of the mountain. It was the first time any of us (except Keith) had been up there. Scenery was nice but the height thing was a little bit freaky. A storm blew in right about that time too so it was very cold up top. We all agreed it was worth the trip though.

I didn't do a lot today. I did take Boomer out to the Alameda Creek Trail for a little 3-miler this afternoon. Cold and windy.
Until later.............


Missy said...

I want to come to Sunday at Squaw Valley. I will just fill in as the weird Aunt:)

Jo Lynn said...

LOL Missy. You'd fit in just fine.

Marcy said...

Ooooooo looks like such a great time! Man, I've always been too afraid to try skiing LMAO!

Anonymous said...

What great family fun. And Tahoe is beautiful. I once saw the most amazing sunrise there.