Friday, February 20, 2009

Coyote Hills? Should be Squirrel City!

After I posted this picture I took at Coyote Hills this morning, I'm thinking it looks like a HUGE pile of crap. Doesn't it? It does, huh?

Well, it would make total sense if you thought so, because the portion of my run that I did at Coyote Hills WAS CRAP. And it's really no body's fault but my own. I used to avoid running at Coyote Hills like the plague. I hated that it had "rolling" hills. However, that was a long time ago and I have gotten mucho better at running hills of all different kinds. Another reason I don't go there to run is because doggies have to be leashed. One thing I had forgotten about is the millions of ground squirrels that call this place their home. They love to taunt Boomer and in return Boomer tries to chase and, if he ever catches one, kill them. The combination of him being on a leash, me running, and squirrels taunting is not the perfect running scenario. I was kind of okay with him pulling me up the hills. I was not okay with him pulling me down them. But when he quickly jumped across the front of me to catch a squirrel that appeared out of nowhere on the right side of me? Let's just say I was less than kind of okay about that! The path is paved, not dirt. So, after almost three miles of that, I said bye bye Coyote Hills!

I took Boomer about three minutes away, to the Ardenwood staging area of the Alameda Creek Trail. Here we had a much better time. No leash, no squirrels, no mad crazy lady screaming obscenities at her poor helpless little dog. I'm sure that's what I looked like. But, I'm happy to say, we did make up. ;)

And Boomer got to go off the trail at all his favorite spots and look for bunnies, which are a lot more fun to chase than squirrels anyway.

We completed a total of eight miles today. I did some hill sprints and I worked on my speed during the last two miles. I'm hoping to get another good run in tomorrow morning. I might try going out to a park so I can get some single track therapy. I could really use some. I'm afraid it might be too muddy but, who knows, it could just be worth it.
Bella is spending the afternoon here because Sara is working at the house she's moving into next week. Keith is over there fixing the backyard fence so the pups will be safe running around together.
This picture? It's all about the apple I'm sharing with them. LOL

Until later.............


aron said...

LOVE that last picture :) i get those looks everyday from my girls.

i took my girls out running this morning (one at a time) and kylie wanted to chase a couple birds she saw... knowing how frustrating that is, i am sure the squirrels would make you go INSANE! sounds like it turned out to be a great run after you moved :)

COTY said...

How great to have the play area you have to run in. Great pics too :o)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an interesting run with your dog and all the squirrels today! Looks like a great place to run otherwise!

AKA Alice said...

That last photo is such a caption opportunity...

It's great that you got a nice run in. Looks beautiful.

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

I no longer can take Bandit running with me because he's tried to kill my by chasin' bunnies (dart left infront of me, no back right behind me, left again...all on the leash until i'm tangled and going down...Hahahah)

it's nice you have somewhere you can run with the dogs off leash. that would just make it soooo much easier.