Tuesday, February 17, 2009

For the ladies.....

Can we talk?

What on earth possesses a girl like me to purchase a bag of miniature powdered donuts (or donettes as Hostess refers to them)? I have not had one of these nasty things for probably five years. After purchasing them, I opened them in the parking lot of Target and popped one in my mouth. As I drove to the Safeway around the corner (in the same parking lot), I continued popping them into my mouth. When I parked my car at Safeway, I popped a couple more. I closed the bag up and realized I had eaten half the damn bag.

Let me rewind a few hours.

Last night Keith and I made a batch of marshmallow treats (aka Rice Krispie treats). We polished off half the tray last night and by myself this morning, I proceeded to eat half of what was left. But to my credit, I was doing a strength workout on my Wii as I was chowing down on the marshmallow covered Rice Krispies. Oh, and I ate an apple afterwards.


Sara and I went to a movie today. This is always trouble for me. We "shared" a large popcorn and a box of Milk Duds. I think I saved the last Milk Dud for her. I'm not sure she had any before that. I know "we" didn't finish the entire bag of popcorn but we were close to it.

THEN I went to Target and started in on those powdered Hostess things.

I made a healthy turkey chili with two kinds of beans for dinner and I had a normal size portion. Then as soon as dinner was over, I made yet another dessert. This time it is like the Rice Krispie treats but I used Golden Graham cereal and chocolate chips, along with the marshmallows. Sara and I took the pups for a walk and when I got home I cut into these tasty little numbers. Why the obsession with marshmallow covered cereal treats? They're made in the microwave, therefore dessert comes quick. ;)

So, at this time I propose a question: How many of you girlies act this way, oh, say, about once every 28 days????? It can't be just me, can it? Anyone have a favorite treat (or 2 or 3) they over indulge in during this time?


Missy said...

Daym, as Marcy would say...I'm the salt and grease girl every 28 days. I can kill some salty goodness and forget the sweets. BUT I totally understand and I can kill a large popcorn, butter, yes please.

foodsthatfit said...

Trust me, we ALL have days like this! I have the worst time when I am at the computer! Mindless eating is def. my weakness. Reese's PB Puffs cereal way my downfall last week, and I really don't even like them!

Jogger said...

I am the queen of PMS eating. I eat sheeet that I wouldn't even normally look at twice. Last week, I made not one, but two batches of homemade cupcakes. Most of the first batch (German chocolate) made their way to my office so that I wouldn't eat them all, but the second batch (french vanilla cupcake w/ this hideously great chocolate icing) didn't have a chance. I'm positive that I've eaten at least 15 of them since Sunday.

I read somewhere that during "that time", we burn (on average) 500 extra calories per day...so just go with it! I guess if our eating habits were like that daily (or even weekly), that would be cause for concern. But, they're not. Eat another marshmallow treat. =)

RBR said...

You are talking to a woman that ate an entire pizza by herself on Saturday. Yep, not "this weekend" I ate the whole damn thing on Saturday. In the span of 6 ours actually. I also polished off the six left over cupcakes from school.

So yeah, I know what you are talking about.

Marcy said...

HAHAHHAAAA ROFLMAO! I'm sorry but that is SO me right down to the donuts. You know it's "that" time in the McG house when you see 2 boxes of donuts on the counter, chips, and Pepsi (which I NEVER drink any other time) I have NO shame in what goes in my mouth. The greasier, nastier, more sugary the better.

aron said...

i dont get it TOO bad but i do notice i get random cravings every 28 days... so nice to be a girl :)

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Hahahhah- I crave those donette things in particular. When they have them at the vending machine at work I'll buy them. The rest of the time, I never even go near the vendng machine