Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Family Affair

I got "the fam" out today for a little trail running. Well, I guess I could just say Keith joined Boomer and I on a run today. LOL

He dropped us off at the south entrance of Garin park and headed to a job he had to wrap up from yesterday. Thinking that he would be hiking/walking more than running, and knowing how much I NEED my endorphins on a daily basis, he told me he would meet me at the main entrance in about 30 minutes. Boomer and I booked it. You could say I did a 30 minute speedy hill work out, or a hilly speed work out. It was a blast!

We were able to put in 2.5 miles before hooking up with Keith. Then the three of us ran another 3.5 miles together. I wish he would fall in love with trail running so I could have his company more often. But, I guess it's just not for everyone.

My boys

I have a hill in mind, at Garin, that I am going to attack tomorrow morning. I'll let you know how it goes. I looked at it today and it's big. It may need to be broken in sections. My lungs are going to be pissed off and so are my legs. I haven't even walked or hiked up that hill since the fall. It should be interesting.
Until later.............


Thankful Paul said...

Peace be with you

Missy said...

And all your boys together, how fun! What a beautiful day, I'm jealous.

aron said...

oh sounds like fun :) good luck attacking that hill today!