Monday, February 2, 2009

I daydream a lot!

Who can blame me? I was at work all weekend, but this is what was on my mind:

I kept thinking of all my different runs at Garin and where they take me. I was so looking forward to getting out this morning. I could only spend 90 minutes there but oh, what a beautiful 90 minutes that was.

I ran up every hill. I may have broke a few of them into three parts, stopping for a few seconds, but I didn't walk at all. It felt so good! If you aren't from the SF Bay Area, you're probably tired of hearing about our beautiful weather. And, if you are from here, you're probably sick of hearing about it from everyone that crosses your path. But, I am going to say, OMG - it's gorgeous (singing...) outside.

And, my dog adores me. LOL ;)

I have been having a lot of pain on top of my right shoulder for months now and finally last week, I went and had it checked out. I was attributing the pain to wearing my hydration pack but I guess I was wrong. I had it X-rayed and went to the orthopedic lady this morning and she informed me I have arthritis and bursitis in my right shoulder. Um, how old am I turning this year? I really didn't like being told this at all. She told me it's not uncommon for "folks" my age. Gee, thanks! My visit ended with a cortisone shot in my shoulder. We'll see how that works.
When it got really bad a couple of weeks ago, I just thought it was sympathy pains for my dear friend Christy. No such luck. For those of you I didn't directly email, Christy's diagnosis is a fracture in her shoulder which she is thrilled with. She was pretty sure it was going to be surgery on her rotator cuff. She is to keep it in a sling and immobilized for another month. This, she is not so thrilled with.
I'm off until Thursday night and a run is in the works for each day. Rain is supposed to hit us Thursday, which is great news for our water situation. Keith and I are heading up to Tahoe for the weekend so new snow would be nice too.
Until later.............


aron said...

that sucks about your shoulder :( hopefully that cortizone shot can help out!

beautiful runs... the weather has been amazing here!

Southbay Girl said...

don't you just hate it when the "folks your age" comment is made! Come on people we are not that old!!!! We don't walk with a stick and hobble!!! WE ARE NOT OLD!!! SO maybe we don't rebound like we did when we were 20...but OLD??? HELL NO!!!

So glad you got a nice run in. I went on a hike with Velcro today! First time I left my house for longer than 30 minutes since friday-how sad!! Being sick sucks!

I can't wait for the rain!!

Missy said...

Sucks about the shoulder, I'm so sorry. I've had good luck with cortizone shots, though. Hope you do too.