Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fast & Furious

I ran a fast 4.5 miles this morning with Boomer. (Now I can enjoy Valentine treats at work)
I'm furious Boomer got jumped by two Huskies!!!! (He's okay though)
Have a happy day! ;)


Missy said...

Damn, did those Huskeys meet the bottom of your shoe? Dogs in a 'pack' freak me out...they can get aggresive.

Rick Gaston said...

I enjoyed too many valentines day treats:( A friend had organized a valentines day game night party, you know for us singles, and there was soooo much food, plus chocolate. Speaking of dogs the hosts had the largest black lab I've ever met. So awesome.

RBR said...

God, I am glad Boomer is ok. That is so scary when a pair comes up like that.

I don't have room to talk because Lucy is almost never on a leash, but if they know their dogs are aggressive with other dogs then they should leash them up!

My word verification is "yocrepi"

Do you think I am creepy? *sniff*

Marci said...

Mmmm treats, enjoy you earned it!

Marcy said...

Hope you had a good V-Day chica!