Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Free Ski Day

Yippee, REI employees got to ski for free at Sierrra-At-Tahoe today.

It snowed on us for most of the day but the snow was incredible to ski on. We were able to get in almost five good hours on the mountain. Keith was able to go with us because I had a comp ticket to give him. So, we drove and filled up our car with three other employees, Scott, Erin & David. We left Fremont at 5:30 and got to Tahoe at 8:30. We are very fortunate to live close enough to be able to do Tahoe as a day trip.
Keith was taking a picture of us and Erin started to fall. We caught her and Keith caught this photo. LOL

We got Erin back on her feet and took another picture.

This was the second free ski day for us this year. In order to get a comp ticket for the day, you need to show your most recent pay stub and a photo ID. I have had an extension on my driver's license four times (16 years). All I need to do is mail in my money and they send me a renewed license, with the same photo. I hardly ever have to show my ID for anything anymore so I never really think about what it looks like. Well, this guy who welcomes us and gives us our comp ticket, he made a comment last time we were there. Wow, that's some cool hair! Look at those eyebrows. Ha Ha Ha Ha. Whatever dude, get over it already.
Guess what? He was there this morning. And he brought a friend. Mmm huh. As soon as I walked in, he says hey you came back. (Heck yeah, I'm not gonna pass up a free ski day). He takes my driver's license and he hands it to his friend. They crack up. They keep looking at the picture, looking at me, looking at the picture, etc. I guess it is pretty bad, huh?

I have made two appointments over the last year to get a new picture taken but something (anything really) came up and I didn't feel like spending my precious time in my local DMV. After today, I am having regrets about these missed DMV appointments. Then I notice my driver's license expires this year. Hmmmmm, this could be a good thing.
The question is: If I get notice of an automatic renewal, should I pretend my driver's license caught on fire and get a new one, or not???


Christy said...

Very brave of you to show us your picture. I have to take a new picture as well this year....thank goodness. I'm not sharing my photo though!

Anonymous said...

Working at REI sounds like so much fun, but I don't think I would may any money b/c I would spend my whole paycheck there!

Missy said...

HAHAHAHA, I love that picture. I got to find some of me with hair like that too. That's just goood. Now I know you work at REI, sheesh, that rocks. I've heard goodt things about REI (as a company to work for).

Jodie said...

First - fun! Free ski'ing! Can you get me a job there?

Second - oh my gosh! I can't believe they let you have 16 year extension! That's insane. you might just let it go automated again...I went in last year and almost didn't pass the eye test!

Anonymous said...

People just never smile on the drivers license pic. So am I and I would never show!

REI? Love that store. Used to go at least once a week when I lived in San Diego.

Marcy said...

I don't think it looks that bad?!? Sure it looks like it was taken back in the day but it's not horrible :-)

leslie said...

It's really not a bad photo, but I think we DO get better with time, don't you??? My DL photo looks like I'm at a barber shop, as I wore a hoodie sweatshirt (I was on my way home from the gym) and forgot about the whole picture taking thing.

I have NOT gotten to the snow this year, nor does it look like I'll get to -- sigh! Hey, if you ever come up Hwy 80 and need a pit stop, we're in Rocklin, just 10 minutes from the Hwy 80/Hwy 65 junction.

run to eat said...

Wiping tears from my eyes I laughed so hard. Is this from the time period we hated each other? Maybe I was just scared...hahahahaha. You were just a babe in training :)

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

What a nice perk! Skiing!

I think it's time you got a new photo. I have an old work badge that looks a lot like that. :-)

Victoria said...

If I was a bouncer at a club, and I carded you and you presented that picture as ID, I would not let you in. I would tell you that you must be using someone else's ID. I don't blame those guys for staring, because that looks NOTHING like you now. Nothing.

michelledalisay said...

No way! I just got totally freaked by your CA liscence! You need to show your current beauty...get a new pic. for sure. I can't believe people don't question if that is you or not. I love the hairdo though:)