Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sunset Run

After working until 2:30, I just couldn't stand to stay indoors any longer! Can you blame me? Look what I would have missed:

Christy met me and Boomer at 4:30 and we were able to complete a five mile run on the Alameda Creek Trail. Nice weather, great company - what else could a girl want?

Keith and I are going to ski at Sierra-at-Tahoe tomorrow, just for the day. Should be FUN.

Until later.............


AKA Alice said...

Beautiful Day!

Have fun skiing! I'm incredible envious of NoCal peeps who are so close to Tahoe. SoCal skiing just isn't the same.

Oh, and thanks for following my blog!

Rick Gaston said...

Your so active, love it.

Southbay Girl said...

OMG I'm so jealous! i want to come up and run those trails with you!!!! I'll pass on skiing though-I SUCK!

Happy New year!

Jo Lynn said...

Hey Alice! No problem, it's my pleasure.
Yes Rick, I do enjoy staying active.
Oh Penny, you have your beauty down south -- I see it in your pictures. But, come join us anytime. ;)