Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Quad Dipsea Photos

1. Erik Skaggs,
2. Errol "The Rocket" & Graham Cooper,
3. Kyle Skaggs
4. Rick Gaston
5. No clue ;)


Marcy said...

Great pics!!

LMAO at the last one "no clue" hehe

Rick Gaston said...

Nice! I look soo sexy eating an energy gel. Hahaha. The last one is Jady Palko. Fast triathlete and ultra runner.

Jo Lynn said...

Thanks Rick, but the name is really, uh, irrelevant. ;)
And btw, you wouldn't stop long enough for me to take a good picture!

Julianne said...

Oooh, #5 is cute!!!

Btw, hi! I'm glad to have another Bay Area runner. :-)

And I would love to do a regular Dipsea one day... And maybe the Quad Dipsea after that!