Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Quad Dipsea

Because I don't like saying something and then not doing it, this is my attempt at a report on my experience at Quad Dipsea. Rick (365me) has an excellent write up about it, as he always does. He's SO good at reporting on events he participates in.
Basically, I was blown away by the talent I saw Saturday. I couldn't believe THE Graham Cooper was beside me, helping out runners, at the aid station. Errol "The Rocket", and Stan Jensen (Run100s ("Run Hundreds") - A Not-For-Profit UltraRunning Corporation) were there! I was there when Erik Skaggs completed his first and third legs of the race. He ended up setting the new course record. He beat the sixteen year old record by a mere 13 seconds. I saw his brother, Kyle Skaggs (ultraRUNNING Online - Skaggs Destroys Course Record at Hardrock) who was there crewing him. I've read about all these guys but to actually see them right there next to me and in front of me was way too cool.
I wanted to run this race this year but my IT Band had other ideas. I can't say I'm sorry I couldn't run it.

I have photos but good ol' Blogger won't let me upload them right now. I will post them later, when I can.

Until later.............

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Rick Gaston said...

Graham Cooper was working the station with you?! Crazy. I didn't even see. I get tunnel vision at those aid stations. I saw you because you called my name, then food then drink then I was off. Everything is a rush, rush, rush. I like that dude, he's one of my idols because he can balance triathlon and ultra really well. I was star struck as well during the race. All these really fast people were running and I love how they came to our little butt kicker of a race.

Yes of course you can link to my blog. I already linked yours. No need to ask for that kind of stuff.