Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Just because

Because I had dinner early last night so I could go to work at 6:00, and had a second dinner which consisted of brownies.
Because I've eaten almost an entire jumbo size box of Sugar Babies in the last 24 hours.
Because every Tuesday at 11:00, I meet a friend at a donut shop for yes, a donut (white frosted with colored sprinkles, please).
Because I will have another early dinner tonight and will probably not be able to resist any sort of temptation that lies waiting in the break room at work.
Because it was 45 degrees this morning and the sky was bright blue, I felt grateful for living here.

I ran a FAST, fat/calorie burning four miles this morning on the Alameda Creek Trail with Boomer.


Marcy said...

OOoooooo donuts. You can never go wrong with those babies. YUM!

leslie said...

Any one of those reasons is reason enough to run. But all of them together? A run was the only logical conclusion!

209Mike said...

I still need a few more because's. Makes me want to go check the candy drawer.

Victoria said...

You see? Speed! Speed! Speed! It's fun! It burns calories! It makes you faster!

I hear you on the sugar. I feel lately like I'm getting a big message from the universe to go easier on the sugar/drinky-poos because it's not making my stomach happy. Too bad, because chocolate chip cookies definitely make my mouth happy!

Jo Lynn said...

LOL to all of you. At least I know each and every one of you can truly relate in some way. ;)