Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A day to slow down

Keith and I golfed yesterday at Callippe Golf Course in Pleasanton. Of course, it was a gorgeous day. Keith told me he had put a new sleeve of golf balls in my bag and when I got them out, I saw that he had decorated them for me. ;) I LOVE snowmen. Tell me this isn't cute!

Hole #16, par 3. Yup, I made par. I shot a 96, which is pretty good for me at this course.

I'm going to get a little run in with Boomer.

Until later.............


Marcy said...

People who golf amaze me. I played once and only once and wanted to beat my clubs into a tree LOL

Southbay Girl said...

I hope you had a great run with Boomer! I'm off to Scotland after a very hectic 3 days of work-I'm so going to miss Velcro-she hates it when the case comes out and so do I!!! I hate leaving my furry babies!!

have a great week and weekend!!

Jo Lynn said...

I have days like that, even still, Marcy. It's a terrible game. ;)
Have a safe trip Penny. I know it's not a trip for pleasure. Take care.