Friday, December 5, 2008

Pleasanton Ridge

I took my boy out to Pleasanton Ridge in, you guessed it, Pleasanton! I used to go here quite a bit but stopped going because the ground squirrels were out of control, which in turn sent Boomer out of control. And when Boomer is out of control, well, it's hard for me to enjoy a run. Today was quite enjoyable.
I let Boomer choose some single tracks to go on and I must say he made mighty good choices. He will choose a single track over a fire road every time. Sometimes I have to call him off the cattle paths because he's pretty sure we can run on those.

There are a couple of negatives about Pleasanton Ridge. There's no drinking water available. There's no potties once you leave the main staging area. And you can hear the traffic on Hwy 680 from most parts of the park. I'm used to being far away from noises like that. But, as I strive to do on an almost daily basis -- I was able to get my single track fix in.
Boomer now:

Until later.............


Victoria said...

Call or email me about tomorrow-- I'm in class all day but I should be done by 4pm.

Marcy said...

Man I'd take running on that any day. Especially in comparison to the poop I've been running in lately LOL