Saturday, December 13, 2008

Second chances

Boomer and I met Christy at the Isherwood staging area of the Alameda Creek Trail for a (brrrrrrrrr) six mile run this morning. I hadn't seen her since Thanksgiving morning so I was sure looking forward to it. It's so relaxing, running with her. She always keeps me at a steady pace. It was 47 degrees but the sky was clear as could be. The breeze on the way back was pretty chilly. We had good conversation though so that helped.
About two miles into our run, my old high school friend Lori and her doggie Mikey met up with us. Boomer and Mikey had a ton of fun running around, chasing each other.
Okay, in all honesty, Lori is not my old high school "friend." I actually refer to her as "my high school enemy." The funny thing is, neither of us can remember why we didn't like each other though. Four years ago, I got a job at Trader Joe's. I knew there was a girl named Lori that worked there, but I didn't see her until I was working there for a little while. We had a meeting one night and when I walked in the room, I heard someone say, "I knew someone named Jo Lynn once. I think it's the same girl." As soon as I saw her, I knew it was the Lori I didn't like in high school. We both acted like mature adults, working beside each other like nothing ever happened. One day I said to her, "I know we didn't get along in high school, I have no idea why. But, I feel we were placed here to work together and get to know each other again. I think we were given a second chance at being friends because we screwed it up before. I feel blessed." Ever since, we have been good friends. Lori's schedule doesn't permit her to run as often as me, so unfortunately, we don't get to run together a lot. But when we do, I'm always grateful I was granted a second chance at a friendship that was missed (many) years ago. :)


run to eat said...

Did you have to go and make me cry?! Maybe that's what you hated LOL. For the life of me I can't remember our issues, but I too am grateful to have a second chance with such a positive, determined, loving person. You are truly one of a kind. Thanks, Girlfriend.

Missy said...

Well, by-gones, I guess. Sometimes, that's all you have to say because you don't even know 'why.' Funny, I wish I could find those girls know, girls can be mean.

Southbay Girl said...

Don't you love it when that happens!! When you are given a second chance!! How wonderful! And now you are good friends! that warms my heart!!! Now I know that there is still such good out there!!