Sunday, November 2, 2008

Wii (are not) Fit

With the weather being so crappy yesterday, naturally, the thoughts of not being able to run very much have begun to occupy my mind. It is a known fact in my immediate circle of family and friends that if I don't get some type of exercise every day, my alter ego begins to surface. Because of this, my husband went out and bought a Wii system. It came with a Wii Sports game. We had such a fun time playing tennis, bowling, boxing, baseball and of course golf. Then he bought Mario Kart. I remember when we used to play a lot of that with our girls on Nintendo 64. It is still just as fun, I swear. This morning Keith was looking at videos on You Tube about Wii Fit. When he saw all the things you can do on Wii Fit, especially the running, he bought it for me before I was even out of bed. Oh my gosh! It's harder than you would think. We both did the initial fit test and, uh, according to this thing, I AM NOT FIT!!! It focuses on your balance to help strengthen your core. It also teaches you correct form for all the exercises you do (yoga, balance, strength, aerobics) on the balance board. To all the skeptics out there, don't shoot it down completely until you try it.

I am happy to say that Keith and I took Boomer out to Garin today for a short run. It was a tad muddy but the beautiful single tracks were just nicely decorated with leaves to soften your landing running down them.
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Rick Gaston said...

So a couple of weeks ago I was working on a really rushed project, it was a book made up of researched articles. Anyway two of them had to do with video games and how they are being used not only for fitness but a host of other self improvement stuff like healthier eating habits and disease management. Interesting stuff. It cited the Wii many times.

One of the tools available for cyclists is the CompuTrainer. It ain't cheap either for the system or the classes. You basically hook your bike up to a terminal of sorts with sensors, the info goes into a computer and into the screen in front of you. You can bike different courses and have multiple people on the same screen. It also displays all the relevant info, even stuff you don't want people to know like how weak you are in certain parts of your bike stroke:) I was hooked up to one to test my heart rate zones. The whole thing started as an exercise video game, pre-nintendo in fact.

Marcy said...

Thanks for stopping by ;-)

Ooohh man Wii Fit. My Fit Age is HORRIBLE. It's like 45 or something like that (I'm only 29 HAHA) The only thing I can do well is the running part and you dont' even have to go fast just pace yourself HAHAHA

Jo Lynn said...

Thanks Rick, for your comment. I think computer games have really come a long way.

Hey Marcy - I guess my Wii Fit age of 50 isn't bad then, considering I'm already 44, huh? Thanks for paying me a visit. ;)