Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mumbo Jumbo

I'm very happy my symptoms only lasted Saturday. I was able to work Sunday and Monday, with no problem. I went out for a five mile run along Alameda Creek Monday. I did something I'd only read about but never actually tried. I ran using the 9:1 (method). I'm wondering if it might help with my IT issue. I did notice my pace was faster than normal. I'm not saying this is going to be what I do from now on, but it was interesting. I think it made the run on a flat surface a little more bearable. I'll give it some thought. I see how it can have it's advantages.

Today I got all of my Thanksgiving shopping done, with the help of Sara. Costco and a grocery store had everything we needed. I picked up a 19 pound turkey that Keith will cook on the Weber. It turns out great and frees up my oven for all the other stuff I need to cook.

Tomorrow I'm taking my neighbor and her two black labs out to Garin for some single track therapy. Yippee! There's nothing like it to get my mood stabilized. Then I get to prepare my house for Thursday.

Until later....................


209Mike said...

I love BBQ'ing the bird on Thanksgiving.

Rick Gaston said...

You know what helps dealing with the IT, yummy Thanksgiving food, beer and sweet treats. Helps the mind anyway. Mmmm...Have a great Thanksgiving!

Southbay Girl said...

I'm so glad you got a great run in and that you are feeling better.

I can't believe you've gotten all of your turkey day shopping completed-I haven't started!! I will do it tomorrow though!!

A nice trail run sounds AWESOME!!!! The doggies will be so happy!!

Jo Lynn said...

Hey Mike -- nice to see you. Where the heck ya been?
Hi Rick -- I'm really looking forward to all the good food on Thanksgiving. Believe it or not, we have five desserts coming. Mmmmmm.
Yup Southbay Girl -- I had to get on that turkey day shopping before it got totally crazy out there.