Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I did it again!

I took full advantage of another free ski day. Today it was at Sierra-At-Tahoe. I'm such a ski whore! Or, I just love free stuff. Who knows. My friend and fellow employee Michelle came along with me today.
When we walked in to get our tickets, where we show our pay stub and ID, THAT GUY was there and he just smiled at me. He didn't ask me to show my ID this time. He just said, "hey, it's the hair." He'll be so shocked next year when I show up and can show him a new driver's license photo. The joke will be on him. HA! Yup, I'm that important that he's going to remember me next year. Count on it. ;)

Top of the mountain, at The Smokehouse 360 for lunch. Lake Tahoe in the background.

The weather was amazing - no wind, sunny and 51 degrees. I put sunscreen on but I didn't get it up into my hair line so I'm sunburned there. I also feel the back of my head and neck is very tender. I hope it's not too red back there. It's always so attractive when the scalp starts to peel from being sunburned. Bleh! Michelle had never been to this resort and she loved it. I took her down a black diamond run, before telling her it was one. She did fantastic! It got a bit slushy in the afternoon so my legs do feel a little sore tonight. Keith didn't go with us today so I had to drive up and I figured I was going to drive back but Michelle offered to share the driving. I let her drive two of the three hour drive home while I took a nice hour long nap. I still have two comp tickets for Squaw Valley. I'm hoping Keith and I can go up a week from Saturday, so they don't go to waste. If we don't get more snow, it may be tricky though.
I'm working all day tomorrow and Friday. I'm hoping to get a little run in sometime tomorrow.
Until later.............


Anonymous said...

Oh I seriously miss the mountains so much looking at your pics!

What beautiful scenery!

Marci said...

Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Southbay Girl said...

Do you get comp ski tickets from work? Lucky you-even though I don't ski anymore!!!

Is Pirates cove this weekend or next? I'm so jealous that you've been able to do outdoor activities! All I've seen the past two days is the inside of a stage!!!

Please wear a helmet! Tragic news about Natasha Richardson and her fatal ski fall!

Missy said...

Wow, just gorgeous. Looks like you guys had a blast. But where's Boomer?

Marcy said...

LOL you're so cute! Looks fabulous (sort of. I'm so sick of snow HAHA!)

Anonymous said...

Nice treat! Snow when it's hot sounds alright:-)

AKA Alice said...

I am, again, completely envious of your multiple ski trips...since moving to SoCal, skiing is such an occasional occurrence (only once or twice a year)


Beautiful photos. Spring skiing is such a good time.

Rick Gaston said...

Hello ski bum. You are so well rounded with your outdoor activities. See you tomorrow! I'll tell you if you're peeling:)