Monday, March 9, 2009

Happiness is.......

Being back at Garin!
It was such a beautiful day outside today. The hills were so green, the sky was a stunning color of blue and the clouds looked like cotton. My initial plan was to do nine or ten miles. After a couple of miles, I thought I should shorten my run because I was having to go slower than usual (I know, that made me laugh too - slower than I usually do? You mean walk??). The trails were very muddy and covered with cow hoof marks. Apparently cows like single track as much as I do. I was not able to run down hill at all. I ended up cutting my run in half and only doing 4.5 miles. It was fine. After not being at Garin for over two weeks, I was happy just enjoying the scenery and watching Boomer run around.

I know I post a lot of photos of this bridge at Garin but depending on what time of day and which direction I'm running, it always looks different to me and I think it is absolutely beautiful every single time. Oh, and guess what? It's my blog! LOL

The trees are loosing their buds and gaining bright green leaves.

San Francisco can be seen in the (very far) distance. Lots of wind today made this possible.

These cows tried to block our way but I just spoke nicely to them, put Boomer on his leash, and they watched very intently as we walked by them. ;) They are so damn cute! I love his little pink nose. I would have a pet cow if I could!
We are supposed to have dry weather for the entire week. And with the time change, I can even run after work if I need to. Should be a great week.
Until later.............


Missy said...

P.S. The only thing better than a dog rolling in a turd is a dog eating rabbit turds only to come in and give you a fat kiss. I love them but why are they so damn nasty sometimes!?

I'd have a pet cow too. Love those noses.

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

So pretty!! I love your photos. :-)

Victoria said...

We have such different experiences with cows. I will need to learn your cow avoidance techniques, because they DO NOT like Neko-- even when she's on a leash, and I DO NOT like cows starting to run toward me.

What's your bovine secret?

Bong said...

So true is the saying, "the best things in life are free". You have every reason to be happy running this beautiful trail (the bridge is specially unique).

Your pics are great, Jo Lynn. Thanks for sharing us these wonderful runs, and making us feel that we're there sharing the same joys that you get out of them :-)

Anonymous said... make me laugh - i had no idea cows like to trailrun!!!

aron said...

ohhhh that run looks sooo amazing :) how fun!

have you had to build up boomers mileage like humans do? I have been taking my girls with me running but dont want to take them TOO far just because I dont know what they can do yet.

I took them to lime ridge "hiking" (kind of not quite) sunday and they had a BLAST :) I love going there with them.

Marcy said...

LOL you're so cute! "I would have a pet cow if I could"

Southbay Girl said...

It really is a beautiful place! Take as many pics as you like!!

Have you ever left Boomer off the lead when you've been around the cows? Wonder how he'd react!

I'm super jealous of you if you get to run after work! I can't do that! Especially this week-it will be way too late! I'm working my way into working all night friday night!! Think of me when you're out running a nice trail!

Jo Lynn said...

Hey Aron - I've been taking Boomer running since he was seven months old!! He's 4.5 years old now. I will take him on runs up to 15 miles. I didn't really start running over 15 miles though, until two years ago. Before that, he would do +/- 40mpw. There's no trail he doesn't like, that's for sure! He never complains about the terrain. ;)