Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fun at Lake Chabot

I spent a lot of time here last summer when I was training for my first 50k. Boomer never accompanied me on those training runs because they were 18 miles or longer. He has not run more than 15 miles with me. Not that I don't think he could, I just don't want to have to worry about his hydration and food intake while trying to take care of myself during a run longer than that.

We did the nine mile inner loop around the lake today. No bicycles are allowed on about half of this loop. I feel a bit safer when bikes aren't competing for space on the trails when I'm running. The first 1.75 miles of the run was on pavement so Boomer had to be on a leash. But, once we hit dirt, he could be leash free. This was his bridge to freedom:

It was 3.33 miles before we hit the cool single track trails.

We enjoyed 3.5 miles of beautiful trails, winding through lots of Eucalyptus trees, ferns, moss covered rocks. Boomer was having an absolute ball. I thought I loved single track!! This boy was born for the stuff. We only saw a couple of people on this portion of the run.

We hit the paved trail again, with about three miles left to reach the marina. The lake came back into sight.
I ordered a hamburger patty for Boomer to enjoy and I drank a Dr. Pepper before we headed home.
He rolled in some crap (literally, he rolled in $HIT!) so I had to bathe him in the front yard with the cold hose before he could come in the house. It was bad enough I had to smell it all the way home. Bleh! I wish I knew what dogs were thinking when they did this most disgusting act. Anybody know?
It was nice to have a change of scenery today. I always think it's so far to drive but really, it's only about 20-25 minutes. Most of this loop is in the shade, probably a good 85% of it. I'll need to remember that when summer comes. No available drinking water though.
Until later.............


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Looks so pretty!!

Anonymous said...

Off-leash for Boomer - woohoo! I'm jealous of you gorgeous trails! Looks so warm!

run to eat said...

Yay for you and Boomer! I ran out at Coyote Hills/Don Edwards and it was like running in Scotland. Beautiful green hills and sheep grazing (and baby lambs suckling). it was too cool! (though I wish I could have run Chabot with you this morning)

RBR said...

Gorgeous! Finally we have had some decent freaking weather here! I am glad you to go out there! I am so jealous. First great weekend and I am housebound and sick! Bleh!

Yeah, my dog Lucy is famous for rolling in disgusting stuff as well. Her favorites are rolling in poop, dead birds, or dead sea lions on the beach. Ick!

AKA Alice said...

Beautiful run!

I have no idea why dogs roll around in poop. I've always wondered that too. Does it smell good to them?

aron said...

sooo fun!

Bong said...

The trails are so beautiful, the scenery so tranquil. I envy you.

Victoria said...

Jo Lynn, if I had ANY idea why dogs roll in crap (well, more specifically, how to stop them from doing so!) I would call you in a minute. Ridiculous. Neko does it every once in a while and it's SO DISGUSTING and it really does not make my day.

Beautiful day out there, wasn't it?!

Marcy said...

Note to self: NEVER get a dog! LOL JK! I guess it's not too much different than having a kid, right?

Southbay Girl said...

You drink DP? I knew there had to be another reason I liked you! I'm a big fan of the bottles of DP! Yummy!!

I'm at work on my Blackberry so I can't see the pics but it sounds beautiful! There is nothing better than being out running with your dog and seeing no one!

It will be funny if you say hello to wendell and is true I feel I have more in common with my blogger friends and can open up and talk about anything than I can with my "real" friends. They don't understand my blogging!!

I hope you are having a wonderful monday! We're shooting a car wash scene-it's cold today and the "cheerleaders" are in skimpy clothes-it makes me giggle!!


Missy said...

What a rockin time! Dogs and cover their scent when their 'hunting.' Hunting for turds - I think it's more common in the hounds and tracking types. Had a dog that rolled in anything that smelled nasty - poop, dead fish, niceee!