Wednesday, October 15, 2008

OMG, I have a blog!

After following blogs and making friends through them, I have finally decided to create one of my own. I will be motivated to take more pictures of the beautiful places I run on a daily basis and share them with others. Hopefully I will make people want to get out and run. I run to live and I live to run. I look forward to sharing my miles with you.
Until later........


Rick Gaston said...

Welcome to blog land. Wow am I the first commenter? I started mine as a way to show my family and relatives the stuff I was up to in triathlon and trail running. Funny at the time I never anticipated that it would attract other like minded athletic friends. It's still fun after all this time.

Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog.

Jo Lynn said...

Hey Rick!
Yup, you are my first commenter/visitor. Congratulations! No one can ever take that away from you, you know. Thanks for stopping by.