Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm not strange (am I?)

The Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival was a good time yesterday. We left early enough to beat all the mad traffic. When we came home a little after noon, Hwy 92 westbound was stopped all the way to Hwy 280. That's mad.
My husband and I had plans last night to go to his cousin's house for dinner. When I got home by 1:30, I had two choices: a) take a nap, b) go for a run. I was elated being able to choose (b). I went out to Garin and squeezed in 4.5 miles.
People around me find both the elation and the choice strange. This got me wondering why I like running so much and most others in my life don't even like walking. I like feeling the muscles in my legs work hard. I like feeling like I'm flying when I'm running down a hill. I like feeling my heart beat like it's going to jump through my chest wall. I like feeling sweat drip down the side of my face and down my neck. I like breathing deeply, when I have to use my mouth AND my nose just to get enough air back into my lungs. I like the silence. I like the quality time with Boomer. I like the "I can do it" attitude I get when I run. Oh, and I LOVE SWEETS!!!

A very small percentage of the American population likes to run. I'm happy to say I am a portion of that percentage.

Miles yesterday: 4.5
Monthly miles: 76

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Victoria said...

Who wouldn't like pain, sweating, feeling like you can't go any further? Those other people (the majority)--THEY'RE crazy!

Tee hee...