Tuesday, October 28, 2008

California Livin'

I love being outdoors. If I can't run, I will find something to do outdoors. Yes, I could go to the gym and get on a machine and lift weights if I so choose. But, every day, I choose to be outdoors.

Christy and I loaded up our bikes and went for a bike ride Sunday. We rode the entire Alameda Creek Trail and a six mile loop in Coyote Hills, both which are part of East Bay Regional Park District. When all was said and done, we had ridden 30 miles. See, she too, is taking a little break from running due to an Achilles issue. Neither of us can stand not being outdoors doing something good for our bodies. And, we might as well take advantage of this great California weather.

Today, my daughter humored me by accompanying Boomer and I on a hike at Garin. She is just the opposite of me. Sitting home on the couch, catching up on television or the computer, is an enjoyable day for her. My dear friend Kimmy joined us too. Kimmy and I used to do a lot of running together. Matter of fact, in March, 2006, we flew to New York City to run in a half-marathon together. We did a 3.5 mile loop today and afterwards my daughter said, "it wasn't that bad, I guess." Sheesh! Anyway, while we were there, we came upon this critter. He crawled instead of jumped which surprised me considering those back legs. He was maybe an inch or so long. Maybe a little longer. Any idea what the heck he is?
Keith and I are golfing tomorrow, out in Brentwood. Should be another nice day in California.

Miles today: 3.5
Miles for month: 97


Rick Gaston said...

I like how you're putting in all these great outdoor days in anticipation of winter. Me too. Enjoying it now while it lasts. At least it doesn't snow here, not usually anyway.

RBR said...

It is a Jerusalem Cricket. Ugly but harmless. ;o)

Die hard biology geek. Sorry.