Thursday, February 3, 2011

January and today

Before February ends as quickly as January did, I decided to total up my activities for January.

I walked 26.7 miles
I ran 35.8 miles
Ellen and I are getting reacquainted and rode 82 miles together
I went to 25 classes at the gym
I went on one 3 mile hike
I spent 2 days on the slopes

Phew!  I am getting back into it, aren't I?

I met HSE Lori for a "run" Tuesday afternoon.  It was (I'm sorry to everyone else in the country) quite warm, my lower back was hurting and I was carrying a water bottle and two leashes.  We completed a very piss poor three miles but the best thing about it was the awesome conversation and laughs we always share.  Oh, and these two pictures. 

Today I took the doggies to Garin for a glorious little four mile run.  Other than the fact that the day was beautiful, I loved being out running on my favorite trails, there's not really a lot to say about the run so I will let you look at pictures instead. 

I guess I'm not really in a talkative mood tonight.  :-~

MED2011 Accountability:
02/01 - 3 mile run, "Camp24" class
02/02 - Body Pump class, 1.35 mile run
02/03 - 4 mile trail run, Spin class

Until later.............


Ewa said...

Good job on getting your workouts in. Seems your foot is doing great covering the miles.
It is warm here, isn't it?
Pictures make me want to get up (though it is almost midnight) and go for a run/walk/hike - whichever.

Anonymous said...

You had a great January! Love all the greenery in your pics :) We are definitely lucky in California compared to the rest of the country right now!

Runners Fuel said...

Jan. looks like a great month! Love the pictures!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I love your photos. They are so green and your trails are simply screaming my name! I can not wait to get back to green trails again! Come on spring! I wouldn't even complain about the mud.

Lisa said...

busy January for you, well done!

don't get me started on the weather. :-(