Friday, February 4, 2011

My thinking cap is on

I wasn't in the mood to talk last night but this morning on my walk, I had a lot of thoughts pop in my head.

1.  I *may* be addicted to exercise.  If I am, I can accept it because it's better than some other stuff I have been could be addicted to.

2.  I am now officially one of  those people.  What people, you ask?  The crazy ones that are at the gym at 6:00 a.m. to take a spin class three days a week.

3.  I have the kindest, most considerate dog in the entire world!

4.  I lost three pounds last month.  I would like to lose five more.

5.  Since (January 6) I've been tracking the calories I'm burning during my running, cycling and gym classes, I am averaging 4,800/week.  Yes, I know a pound is 3,500 calories.

6.  I'm putting my clipless pedals back on my bike today.  I have a 50-mile ride tomorrow with the Cinderella Challenge training group.  I want to be able to push and pull when I pedal.  Save my quads a little.

7.  I only have three pieces of candy left in my pound box of See's.  I only have one coupon for a pound left.  Valentine's Day is still 10 days away.  Gulp!

8.  I'm probably addicted to chocolate too.

9.  Sara's wedding is four months from today.  FOUR months!  I can't believe it.  It will be here so fast.

Until later.............


trifitmom said...

i am addicted to exercise and chocolate...

Lisa said...

#1) Exercise is a good addition. Go with it.

#3) Awwwww. Boomer rocks!

#5) you need a calorie deficit of 500 per day to lose a pound a week. add some portion control to that exercise and you'll be on your way to some serious weight loss!

#8) is not a bad addition, but could be a conflict to the desire in #4


trailturtle said...

If your hubby read this, I think he would claim #3 over Boomer :).

I love Spinning and Body Pump, but NOT at 6 am! So I guess I'm not one of "those people!" but I admire your discipline, even as part of an addiction. Like you said, there are a lot of worse things out there.

See's Candies must be doing quite well if you and Ron are any indication! Kudo's to you to have MED so that you still lost weight.
Keep MED, Ann

Kris said...

Exercise and chocolate....both worthy addictions. ;)

Was told by a nutritionist that 1/2 # loss per week is what an athlete should shoot for while training. So 3 pounds in a month is right in there.

Have a great ride tomorrow! Weather should be *fan*tastic!

Ewa said...

Good addictions.
Have a wonderful ride this weekend. It will be on the warm side, I gather. Oh, after the ride you can eat tons of chocolate. Yum.

Aka Alice said...

Exercise and chocolate? I agree, there are far worse things to be addicted to...

Enjoy them both!

Chris and Amy said...

Mmmmm, See's. I grew up in Florida, but my Grandam was in CA so we would get See's every Christmas. Back in the day it seemed even more special since I couldn't just order it online. While visiting my Grandma this summer, I tried the double caramel at See's and am still dreaming about it. It might have just been a promo, but it was delicious!
Is Boomer a cattle dog? Does he settle down at home? I have a pointer and love her, but she is not a great running partner. When I move back to the states I want to get another dog (no worries we're bringing Rana back with us) and would like for that one to run with me so I'm looking for good dog suggestions.

Looney said...

We are all addicted to something!

Karen said...

I agree about the chocolate! :0) lol And I also agree that we are all addicted to something! :0)

Marci said...

I think I am addicted to exercise too, and I love it!!

Anonymous said...

exercise junkies unite!!!

oddly I've been craving dark chocolate lately, which is very unlike me...I think I may need to indulge in a scotchmallow for vday ;)

jen said...

Haven't commented in quite a while but wanted you to know I read every post! Love all the pictures especially. I am so glad you recovered so well from your surgery and are right back at it. Keep up the good work and love the attitude!! :)

Rick Gaston said...

1. I may be too
2. So not one of those
3. I think your dog is handsome
4. If I ate less sugar I'd lose weight
5. I've no idea
6. I haven't ridden my bike since last February
7. I may go buy the unsold valentines day candy on sale.
8. I'm addicted to chocolate
9. Time so flies

What up lady! Hope you've enjoyed the good weather we've been having.

The Green Girl said...