Monday, January 31, 2011

Brazen's Coyote Hills 10k - January 29, 2011

I absolutely  *love* Brazen events!!  My first experience with them was exactly a year ago.  They are in constant contact with you once you sign up for an event, letting you know any and all updates, parking arrangements or changes to the course.  This event had very limited parking so most of us had to park about a mile from the start.  No worries though.  They had shuttle service for us.  And GOOD shuttle service.  I think we waited less than five minutes for a shuttle on each trip.  Their tech shirts are very cute and being tech shirts, I will wear them again.  Every finisher, regardless of the distance gets a medal.   They give out "goody bags" filled with stuff you will actually use.  All for a very reasonable price. Even though their races are considered small, the race directors make you feel like you are at a big event with their arch at the start/finish, music playing loudly and your name being called out when you cross the finish line.  They even use timing chips. 

If you are ever considering doing a Brazen event, sign up - you will not be disappointed!

Now, onto my day.

I had to miss my group training ride for the Cinderella Challenge to do this run but I ended up doing a portion of the ride with one of the ride leaders on Friday.  The climbing portion!  Whatever, I don't think it hurt me in the run.

Stacey was my running partner this time.  I know, right now you're thinking how jealous you are.  You should be!  She is so fun to hang out with.  Since I haven't gotten up to "speed" yet with my running, I know she's one person that will never complain that I'm running too slow or argue when I want to walk.  Even though she could go faster, that's never her plan when she runs with me.  We always know it's going to be a fun time no matter how long it takes us.  Actually, we both agree that the longer it takes us the more fun we get to have together.  Awesome, right?  
Staying warm before the start

In front of the big hole in the ground
We had two aid stations which we had to stop and look at.  I didn't carry my own water this time, so I had to get a cup of water at each one anyway.  Even though I wanted to shove a few bags of cookies or chips into my vest, I didn't. 

Did I mention this run was in Fremont?  Oh, I guess I didn't.  Needless to say, I knew a bunch of people that were running it.  Probably every woman there in her mid-30's to mid-40's from Fremont, I knew.  Well maybe not, but almost.  When I finished, a girl walked up to me and told me she reads my blog but never comments.  I was so touched that she introduced herself to me, it was so sweet.  HI KATE!!! 

HSE Lori loves me.  The feeling is mutual. 

Christy, RBR, Me & Lori

RBR, Punk Rock Runner, Me and Katie

The course was alright.  Just one little bit of single track for us 10k runners and quite a bit of pavement.  For a 10k I won't complain.

I was very happy to know I am able to run 6.2 miles again, at a steady (yet slow) pace.  I was never a fast runner anyway so the 12:something/mile pace we kept is okay for today.  I normally run ~10 minute miles.  It will come, I'm sure of it.  I just have to work up to it again.  I have faith, at least, that I will get there again.  I was feeling so good after the run that Stacey and I have already signed up for this 20k in a few weeks.  Exciting!!

So remember, you see a Brazen run that interests you - SIGN UP.  You will love it, and them!

Until later.............


Runners Fuel said...

Looks like a great run!

Lisa said...

Good job.

and yes, I *am* envious

trailturtle said...

Really nice race report, Jo Lynn. Even though I didn't get to run it, I feel like did. There is a chance I might be doing something at Chabot later in the month, too.
Great that your foot is holding up. I might have to have that done sometime--hopefully later than sooner :)). Run well, Ann

Ewa said...

It is good to hear your foot is behaving and your mileage is increasing.
Sounds like a fun run with some really cool friends.

Anonymous said...

Great job! You look so happy in all the pics :)

I definitely need to do a Brazen race! I am going to creep their website and find one :)

PunkRockRunner said...

Always good to see you at these events. Brazen events are my favorites.

All the best,


K said...

Hi Jo Lynn! It was very cool to meet you at the race. I love Brazen events. They make me feel like I just got together with all my friends for a run with a medal and a t-shirt at the end.